2018 Week 11 Summary

I won.  I came first.  The in-game competition is over.

That means I now have my time back and so it’s time to focus on things more important.  Also the game was having a bit of a glitch as they were having problems with servers.  Tones had the same problems at work.

We think that the company that makes the game I play and Tones’ work use the same company for their servers.  It’s too coincidental otherwise!

So, this week seeing as I couldn’t play my game much anymore, I decided to catch up on everything.  I’ve caught up on my blogs (YES!), I’m catching up on filing (both physical and electronic) and I’m catching up on the recording of our finances.

Filing and finances are the bane of my life.  Therefore, I do them the least which makes them even more unmanageable over time.  Considering my entire mantra this week to get me moving is “How you do anything is how you do everything.” I’ve decided to face all the things I’ve been procrastinating about, head on.

The result?  I’ve made some progress 😉

Paris & Rome
Rome has started moulting again.  Paris hasn’t yet.  I’ve had my couple of weeks of rest and now the continuous vacuuming starts again!

They’re supposed to moult every 3 months (with each season) but for some reason they don’t do it at the same time and they moult for weeks each, so I only get 2 weeks of every 3 months where we’re not breathing in and eating fur!

Seriously, their moulting is giving me white hair!  Never mind, I still love them (both the boys and even my white hair).  I just have to look at my boys and I feel love.  It doesn’t matter if they’re sleeping or breaking something, I still feel love.

They have and continue to teach me unconditional love every day.  You just have to see how much fur, hay and bitten furniture there is to understand just how unconditional my love is for them.

But then again, how can you not love them when they look like this when they sleep?

Paris Sleeping in his hutch. His little white belly exposed. Sorry for the pixelated picture. He wakes up and moves if I get too close so this is the best I could take so far with my dodgy phone camera zoom.
Rome Sleeping under the bed. Rabbits sleep with their eyes OPEN so when you see their eyes closed like this, it means they feel safe and comfortable.


House Stuff
Again another week gone by with no changes to the house.

Instead, I spent an entire afternoon with a friend who was visiting London.  She’s found her dream man and her forever home, left the rat race and is now living her ideal life in their beach side escape in Cornwall.

They made the big decision and the move out of London, a year ago or a little over that I think and I must admit, when she visits, I feel like she’s visiting a stagnant pool of water called my life.

As an example, we’ve been living in this flat for 10 years and haven’t moved.  She reminded me that Tony and I have been together for 10 years!  In fact, our 10 year anniversary (not wedding but being together) went past and both Tony and I completely forgot!!  It was back in February.  Oops!

So, that evening, I met up with Tony and we went out to a nice meal and ordered a sushi boat plus some Kaki Furai (deep fried giant oysters that you can see in the picture left hand corner)!

Sushi Boat – a mixture of different sashimi including scallop, prawn, salmon, tuna, octopus, clams, mackerel and yellow tail.

That was one way we proved we could take immediate action to rectify things quickly and easily.  Batta-bing Batta-boom, our 10 year anniversary celebration, done!

As for being stagnant, when it’s about bigger things, I prefer thinking of our life more like a bamboo.  Have you heard that if you plant a Chinese bamboo seed, it will sit in the ground for4-5 years and appear to be dormant. Then, over a six-week period, it will grow 90 feet?

Well, I like to think of this time as the time that we’re attending to our roots.  We are being patient, methodical and meticulous.  It never looks like anything has changed on the surface but as long as the roots are healthy and growing strong and we continue to tend to them, there will be a huge, beautiful and strong plant shooting out soon enough.

We will see the fruits of our labour.  I know that.  Patience is a virtue!

Joy & Tones

Mental Health
We ate out a lot this week, not just the sushi.  I went for tapas with my friend, bought Chinese takeaway and ate at Byron Burgers.  I ate  a lot of wheat and bread which I had eliminated from my diet for a while.  It seems the eating out didn’t do my brain much good because I had multiple moments of slowness this week.

It wasn’t brain fog but just being slow with constructing sentences and finding the right words to express myself, as if I was in a daze or sleepy stupor when I spoke.

So, it seems I can’t just eat whatever I want when I go out now anymore.  Especially if the effects are that immediate and obvious.  For now I am definitely removing as much wheat from my diet as possible and won’t be reintroducing it for a long time.

It’s for my brain.  I want to remain lucid, every day, ’til the day I leave my body!

Physical Health
I’m back to doing yoga only once a week.  By my 3rd Bikram yoga session, I started spot bleeding after yoga again.  It looks like it only happens with Bikram yoga. Must be the heat. I’ve noticed my internal body temperature is quite high on its own.  Going into a hot room and feeling like I’m overheating must trigger the bleeding.

Once I stopped going to Bikram yoga, the spot bleeding stopped too.  So now, I’m only doing Dharma yoga once a week.  It really does make me happy and I can see little improvements each week.   I do however think that once a week is too little for physical activity, so I might have to add some other form of exercise in between.

Spiritual Health
Still meditating and now Tony is actually looking into attending a meditation retreat.  I, however, am not keen to leave my boys on their own or with a sitter unless necessary.  Especially with how they were after the last one.

So we’re thinking of starting off with a day retreat  and depending how that goes, we may work ourselves up to longer ones.

Emotional Health
I’ve started collating a list of issues I’d like to clear and just the mere act of doing this has actually made my life feel so peaceful, calm and orderly.  It’s almost like this exercise has got my mind at ease knowing that these things will be dealt with shortly, so it doesn’t need to worry or hold onto them any more.  It’s a good feeling.

Financial Health
I’ve noticed that when I’m checking our money, we have more and when I don’t, we have less.

This week, I’ve put my focus on money.  After all, it’s been a while.  I haven’t been checking our outgoings for over a year and since we’ve been spending so much lately preparing for all the fixes in the house, plus needing money to sort out the boiler and the windows this spring / summer, it’s about time I start reining it in.  It’s all part of tending to our roots.

And with that I can see that we are laying our foundations down quite well.  We’re getting more and more well rounded in life having wellness in mind, body, spirit, emotions and now, finances too.

So, that completes my 3rd blog this week to get me up to date and back on track.  Late is better than never and having caught up is a really good feeling.

See you next week!!


2018 Week 10 Summary

One of my favourite sayings is “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

I say this to myself every time I think I’ve done something sub-par and frankly, my late and irregular blogging is just not up to standard.

Actually, I get the blog done on time but then I struggle to find pictures (I have to get Tones to share his phone pictures with me as he takes more photos than I do and he sends me links that don’t work etc etc) and instead of just posting on time, without the pictures I just think, “Oh, I’ll do it later.” Well, later becomes a few days which then becomes 1 week, then 2 weeks and of course, “How you do anything is how you do everything!”

Once I start on this trajectory, the catch up becomes too big a task, the posts become irrelevant and then I don’t bother with them anymore.  They become too little too late and then again, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

So.  I’m being thorough.  I’m catching up and I’m making sure it’s done properly with pictures, even if it takes me extra time and extra work.  I’m going to get back on track because “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

I’m not one to back down or give up.  In fact I’m a bit of a bulldozer and work better under pressure than not.  So here it goes… 3 blogs in a week!  This is the 2nd one to catch up on last week!  Only one more to follow and I would be back on time and on track.

Paris & Rome
Mini drama this week with Paris going through GI stasis yet again.  Except this time it was while I was having a midnight-early morning Skype call with my brother where I started getting irate and I wasn’t able to pay the appropriate attention to Paris so the stasis continued until 6am.

I got off the call with my brother about 3am and did the whole chasing, brushing, massaging routine with Paris for 3 hours before he finally pooed.  Before that he was just curled up in a ball completely stationery and wincing in pain.  After that, he was binkying and running all over the place.  I love how there’s just no filter with them.  If they’re feeling crappy, they wince and the moment the pain is gone, they are jumping and blissful.  None of this moping around remembering pain like humans do!  They are so in the moment.  I love it!

I also accidentally stepped on Paris’ back and kicked Rome in the face.  This is what happens when you let bunnies run freely and they somehow like running around, between and under your feet.  Don’t worry, no bunnies were injured at the time of these events.

In the time it took for me to register that Paris’ entire back was under my foot and shift my weight back onto my other leg (thank God for yoga!), he had managed to run out from under my foot so I didn’t put my full weight on him.  It all happened in a fraction of a second.  I was a bit in shock.  I’d actually stepped down far enough to flatten his body onto the floor but not hard enough to stop him from wriggling out before I applied my full weight. He was fast and oh so lucky.

Watch out I’m coming through! (Paris in his tunnel)


As for Rome, I tend to take little steps when they’re around for this exact reason.  Wide strides would ensure you kick them quite hard.  I’ve already managed to kick him (with one of my walking strides) before and he slid down the hallway like a fur ball heading towards a goal.  It’s a combination of his fur and the wooden floor which they easily slip around on, along with the fact that he only weighs 1kg.

I felt terrible about this and he was in shock after hitting the fence (“and she scores!”).  So after that, I’ve always tread slowly, small steps only and very carefully.  Still, this week, I managed to kick Rome in the face.  It wasn’t a hard impact.  Basically he got really happy and decided to run in the same direction I was stepping.  So his face and my foot collided, leaving us both at a standstill just staring at each other.

This is what Rome looks like every time he wants out of his cage. This is his “Hey! Let me out!” stare. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of an “OMG you just kicked me in the face” stare.

So now I’m pretty much shuffling wherever I go.  Not much harm done though because they still continue to run around my feet and they’re both normal (ie not limping or blind and bumping into things or anything like that).   Phew!  I suppose this is one way for me to learn mindfulness!

House Stuff

Nothing done this week because we actually spent time with friends on the weekend and then had a rest day because I was determined to win my game.

I’m playing a game on my phone at the moment which has an in-game competition where you have to cook burgers and hotdogs.  I know, stop rolling your eyes.  I’m really good at it and I’m not that good at any game so now that I found something I’m good at, I had to win.  That’s how I roll.  So I dedicated a whole Sunday just to play and get ahead.  If only I could apply this type of motivation to the stagnant things in my life!

Joy & Tones

Mental Health
We went to a friends’ place this week and spent time with their whole family.  The kids are in high school and one had just done some mock exams for his A levels (the equivalent of SATs and HSCs as far as I understand).

As he wasn’t too pleased with how he went, his dad asked us over to help him with some learning and study techniques.  I said, bring it on!

Now that my days of brain fog were over, this was a great chance for me to see what I actually remembered from over 20 years ago and check to see if memory recall was a problem.  It wasn’t!  Both Tones and I were able to impart to him the study techniques that worked for us and some techniques that we learned long after our studies were over.  The kind of techniques where you say “I wish I knew these BEFORE!!”

I do hope they help him.  The real exams are in 3 months time.  The bonus was that they own a Chinese Takeaway so we got some pretty awesome lunch and dinner in return 😉

Physical Health
Our energy levels have improved.  Still tired but considering how little sleep we’re both getting, we actually function quite normally.

Even on the day when I was up until 6am with Paris, I only had 2.5 hrs sleep and I was still up and functioning and bright and energetic all the way to 1am the next morning.  I’m sure it’s got to do with the vitamin supplements.  Not ideal I know, results would be better if I actually slept but at least I know they’re working.

Spiritual Health
Through meditation, I’ve started to access and release some pretty crap things.  You release stresses when you meditate, some things have been around for years in the system and I’m sensing I’m starting to release them, not because I don’t feel them anymore but because I do feel them.

For example, the other day, during meditation and for the rest of the day after, all I felt was anger and resentment.  Something triggered it just before I started meditating and it just continued.  I could tell it would just continue unless I dealt with it.  I attempted to distract myself by focussing on work.  I attempted to sleep it away but none of it worked.

Emotional Health
I knew it would eventually come up.  Afterall, the well being of a person covers physical, mental, spiritual and emotional too.

What we don’t often realise is that it’s all integrated.  You cannot sort one without affecting the others.

And so now I’m also dealing with emotional stuff.  What has come up for me?  Anger and resentment over something that happened 4 years ago.  It was a huge event for me and the kind that caused a lot of arguments between Tony and I.

Therefore, it was the kind I buried until something triggered the memories which then trigger the emotions.  This was an issue where no amount of discussion got to a solution.  We’d both just end up very angry and so the problem would be put on the shelf or buried again, waiting to be dealt with another day.

Occasionally, over the years, something would trigger it, we’ll have an argument about it, it remains unresolved and for the sake of peace and harmony, it gets buried again and again.

Well it got triggered this week.  Except this time, I refused to put it back on the shelf.  Every problem has a solution and I was determined to find the solution for this one.

It must have been due to my week of completions and feeling the need to resolve the unresolved or it could have been the meditation putting me in a state that was better prepared for dealing with it but whatever it was, I was ready to face this one head on and get it sorted once and for all.

Surprisingly, it was a lot easier than I expected.  I was able to talk it through to completion with Tones.  His reactions were much calmer than they have been in the past.  His communication was more efficient and clear as well.  I found my responses to his arguments much calmer and receptive making the overall process easy and pleasant.  Now that was a miracle.

And the best part?  The situation has been resolved, completed, settled, sorted, done and dusted.  Completion done.  How do I know?  Because when I think of the situation, there is no more anger or resentment and both Tony and I know that we’re on the same side.

So, that’s one problem down… only 150,000 more to go 😉

And so now only one more blog to be posted to catch me up completely!  See you in a couple of hours for this week’s blog!


2018 Week 9 Summary

And just like that, February is over and we’re in March.  It sure doesn’t feel like Spring is around the corner!

It’s been snowing in London for the last 4-5 days.  OK, it’s been snowing all around UK.  It’s #snowmageddon and a good dose of #snowvereaction depending on where you are in the country.

I’ll tell you one thing we can all agree on though… IT’S FRIGGIN’ COLD!!!

View outside our bedroom window. The back of houses with a mini snow blanket. Not much of a #snowmageddon is it?

Paris & Rome
The boys have been very good this week.  Who knew my levels of happiness would correlate with the size of their poos.  The bigger and rounder their poo (the closer they are to looking like Maltesers), the happier I am because it means their intestinal tracts are working and clear.

Maltesers. The more my rabbit’s poo looks like this, the happier I am!

Healthy Appetite + Healthy Poo = Healthy Rabbit

It also means they’re not losing as much fur anymore and I have some reprieve from what felt like the never ending vacuuming.

Their ears have been cold and they both have relished a pat with warm hands, closing their eyes and grinding their teeth contentedly when it happens.  Our place loses heat like crazy due to a couple of dodgy windows and an old boiler that can’t keep up.  The boys are lucky their fur is keeping them nice and warm!  I just hope it’s enough.

They both have quilts and cardboard boxes though so that should be added warmth if they require it.  I wish I could just give them a companion to snuggle with.  That’s what they were supposed to be for each other.  If only they didn’t hate each other so much. *sigh*

Regardless of the cold, they’re both still alive, playing, jumping, eating etc so that’s my indication that they’re warm enough even if the flat and their ears are cold and they have to stay separated.

Paris has been doing something strange.  Usually when it’s time to feed him his pellets, he goes berserk and runs around really fast like he can’t contain just how happy and excited he is.  He doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.  As soon as his nose comes into contact with the pellet, he’ll stop running and will frantically eat as fast as he can (he’s like a vacuum cleaner for pellets).

These days however, he goes crazy, runs around like a mad man but then, sniffs the pellets and then runs off again.  He’ll do a few more circles running around his play area, come back to sniff the pellets and then run off to play in his box.  I didn’t get it.

I couldn’t even give him pellets as a reward because he’d just ignore them.  He goes crazy for them and then doesn’t eat them and runs away.  Later on, when he just happens to be passing them, he might stop to snack on them, or not.  I found it really bizarre.

That is, until I discovered yesterday that only certain types of pellet get this result.  He’s become very picky and will only eat one type.  If given the other, instead of hoovering it all up in seconds, he’ll take his time about eating it.  There’s one brand where he’d rather starve and will refuse to eat it altogether.

So, he gets crazy excited thinking he’s about to get certain pellets and then runs away just as frantically when he realises it’s not the kind he thought it was going to be!

Here’s an example of what he does when he runs around.   What a #funnybunny  If the below doesn’t play straight out, you’ll have to hover your mouse on it and click through to Instagram.


House Stuff
“We have an English boiler.”  That’s what Tony said this morning when he woke up to a freezing flat after we’d left the boiler on all night.  That is, if it overheats, the boiler stops working and after last night, it’s shown us that if it gets too cold, it also stops working.

Kind of like how trains to London are cancelled when wind has blown a leaf on the tracks or how everything just breaks down at the first sign of a snowflake, our boiler is hypersensitive and will only work in perfect conditions.  Change those conditions just a tiny bit and it all goes Pete Tong (that’s cockney rhyme for “wrong”).

All I can say is, 17’C (which is pretty much all the boiler can warm the flat up to even when kept running continuously for days) is better than -2’C.  I just wear lots of layers, socks, sheepskin slippers, dressing gown and drink lots of hot water.  When push comes to shove and I really can’t get warm, I turn on the oven and sit next to it or go back to bed to warm my feet up under the covers.  I am willing this boiler to work until Spring finally arrives.  You can do it boiler!! You’re British.. just keep calm and carry on!

We went to a shopping mall so Tony could find a pair of work trousers.  Can you believe he only had 1 pair left  because he’d broken 2 within a couple weeks of each other?

Not from being fat, but rather one pair was 6 years old, the other 3 years old and he wore them in rotation every work day so they just got worn out especially his back pocket where he’s always putting his wallet or phone and the corner of the phone has worn away the material.  We’ve done some throwing away of clothes a couple of years ago and he only kept 3 pairs of trousers.  Pleased to say he’s now back to 3 pairs of trousers again.

You know, the mall wasn’t crowded.  I suspect the cold turned people off from going out.  However, I still much prefer shopping online.

The problem with shopping at a mall is that we ended up buying things we never intended to buy. When you shop online, you only ever buy what you need.  Well, I do anyway.

At the mall you just get tempted, intrigued, curious.  You see things that weren’t on your radar.  You go have a look and the shop sales assistant starts explaining to you his experience of the product you’re curious about, which convinces you to buy it just so you can experience it for yourself.

Then he lets you sample and smell other products and the next thing you know, you’ve gone home with more than you bargained for.

You go out to get one gift for someone and end up with 3 additional gifts…. for yourself!  Argh!!


Joy & Tones

Mental Health
Brain fog is a thing of the past 😉  At least 2 weeks without it.  Amazing!!  The high fat diet has worked and is therefore staying.

You know how sometimes you want to use a particular word in a sentence, it’s right on the tip of your tongue and you just can’t figure it out?

Well, I had one of those situations and as soon as I said, “What’s another word for buffer?” The word “contingency” came up straight away which is the word I wanted.  There was no more tip of tongue experience… it just flew right out!

Why did we ever get taught to avoid fat altogether?  My goal now I suppose is to ensure I’m eating good fats.

At the moment, I’ve just eaten any and all fat.  Tony even bought me 2 packs of pork scratchings which I’m breaking my teeth over.  Why are they so hard?

Anyway, the fat might make my brain function well again but my heart and bowels won’t be functioning well if I’m not careful!  I actually get the runs from having dairy cream but it hasn’t stopped me consuming it because it’s high in fat!

At the end of the day I think it’s what’s attributed to our lethargy – just the overindulgence in all things fatty (and salty).  Or.. it could be all the sugar..  We weren’t supposed to eat so much sugar… damn you shopping mall and all your temptations and distractions!!!

Physical Health
Vit C, Vit B and Vit D that I purchased online were delivered.  After 3 days of taking them, they have had zero effect on our mood and energy levels.  We are both so tired!!

Fat is supposed to be used as energy but I suspect it’s taking longer for the body to convert and because we’re not eating the right fats, we’re getting sluggish.  It’s a theory.  I haven’t looked it up.  Add the cold and sugar to it and I’m behaving like a sloth.

On a positive note, it’s prime season for getting sick and we’re both fine.  Tones met our neighbour in the hall yesterday and apparently he’s not looking good and been sniffly and feverish for the last 5 days.  With germs so close to home and our house being so cold, I’m just glad our immune systems have been working regardless of what we’ve been eating!

Spiritual Health
Still meditating.

So last week was buying stuff online.  This week was receiving all the deliveries.  I think my meditation got interrupted every day just so I could sign for a parcel.  I don’t know why but I’d change it up a bit and no matter what time I chose to meditate, I’d get a delivery in those 20 mins.  Go figure.

I started this app which recorded all my meditation days except we used Tony’s phone twice in a row and now my app which said I had done 19 days consecutive since downloading it, says 4 days consecutive!!!  I’m annoyed.  I was about to hit a milestone!!  I was going to get a 20 days consecutive meditation star on my app!!  But now… I have to start again… it’s the little things!  I was looking forward to getting that star!  But now IT’S ALL OVER!!!

I’m never getting over it, it’s ruined my meditation motivation forever!

Haha that reminds me of the time I attempted to do colouring in for stress relief and I realised that it was actually stressing me out instead of relaxing me because I JUST WANTED TO FINISH!!!!

I did finish.  Tony even framed it but I’ve not really coloured anything else in since!

Don’t worry, I won’t let this app deter me from meditating.  If anything the inaccuracy of its records is deterring me from using the app!  We’ve both actually meditated twice a day every day since we started and have not skipped a day.  A. Maze. Balls.

See you soon!

2018 Week 8 Summary

Serotonin levels are up after living a week of “Completions” last week.  In fact, the feel good hormones must have caught on because Tony decided he’d join the completions party without me saying a thing.  He just kept prompting me to buy the skirting boards like he was desperate to fix them.

So this week was a week of collecting resources.  That is, researching and shopping for the things we need to complete some more outstanding items (we have a lot and so we’ve spent a lot!!).

Apologies for the delayed  post. I didn’t forget, I just didn’t have any pictures and thought giving myself time to find some would work but it didn’t!

Nothing other than shopping has happened this week and I didn’t think it was interesting to take photos of stuff I bought especially since most of it is just things we need to make fixes around the house.

The perfect example being, researching and buying a 2.4m walnut scotia.  It’s floor edging to replace the skirting that Rome chewed up.  We haven’t cut it up or installed it yet so there’s nothing to report.

With no guarantees that Rome won’t just chew it up again, this is an experiment.  We chose a mid-range priced scotia at £8 per 2.4m so it doesn’t hurt so much if Rome eats it straight away.

It doesn’t quite match what we have (it’s a bit darker) but if it works, we’ll buy some more and just replace ALL the chewed up skirting which is 3/4 of the entire wall space we have anyway.  I’ll post some before and after shots once we’ve installed it.  After all, it’s not yet a completion until it’s completed 😉

I’ve also made multiple purchases and spent a good few days researching other things that will help us complete other items too.  For now, I am just gathering resources required so there’s no more excuses not to get things done and we can continue to live a life of completions!  Why?  Because it feels so damned good!

House Stuff
The boiler’s been playing up again every day this week and stopped working at least once every day so Tony has been experimenting with its configuration (even though he’s not a plumber or certified boiler engineer).  Our boiler is coming to 15 or 16 years old now so it’s very old and we’ll have to start saving up  money to replace it which is why I haven’t really complained about his tinkering.

If it breaks, it breaks (that is, more than it has already).  We’ve been getting warnings from the servicemen for the last 5 years about it needing to be replaced “soon” and sadly, even we can admit now, that it’s time is up and it will very shortly have to go to boiler heaven.  It’s had a good run.

I’m just hoping it’ll last us for this winter so we can retire it and replace it at a more convenient time like over the summer when it’s warmer and we don’t need it!  It was snowing today and yesterday.  It would have been unbearable if we had to wait for delivery and installation of a boiler over a few days during this time!  Part of my research this week included boilers.  Oh what fun.

Other research and purchases involved holidays, various superfoods and supplements, skin brushes and all sorts for health.

Joy & Tones

Mental Health
This week we watched Get Out.  We’ve actually been avoiding it because I thought it was a horror movie and Tony and I don’t like horror films.

After a friend told us it wasn’t really all that scary, we watched it.  I can definitely say, it was not scary at all.  In fact, it was highly predictable and the jokes weren’t funny.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing.  Maybe we didn’t get any subtleties because we don’t watch horror films in general.  Whatever it was, we didn’t think this movie lived up to its online ratings.

We also watched Lady Bird, Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri and Borg McEnroe.  They were all very good movies and I’d say I liked them all in that order too.

As for exercising the mind, I’m having second thoughts about continuing Chinese just now.  After I stopped a couple of weeks ago because I felt like I had to start again, I never restarted.  This is what happens when something is hard.

And now we’ve confirmed a trip to Belgium and they speak French there,  I feel like relearning French because it will be more useful.  If I concentrate fully, I should be fluent in French in 3-4 months.  Then I can start Chinese again in 4 month’s time.

Sounds like an excuse doesn’t it?  But if I do it the other way around, I will be speaking Chinese in Belgium which does not help me at all and I’ll have zero incentive to relearn French.  I’ve learned French before (2 years compulsory in high school and 1-2 months in 2011).  It’s pretty basic French to get by and would be a complete miracle if I was ever able to watch a French movie without subtitles but hey, it’s better than being mute or making absolutely no effort to speak the language of the country you’re visiting and just expecting them to speak yours!

The good thing with doing it this way is that I get to use the language (French) right after learning it and I get to learn 2 languages this year.

We’ll see how this pans out.  French lessons will start this week.

Physical Health
The high fat diet is working.  I have not had a brain fog episode all week.  This is definitely a miracle.

I am also continuing yoga – Dharma and Bikram once a week each.  The Bikram makes me feel like I’ve sweated out all the fat I’ve been eating, you know the hot room makes me feel like I’m being slowly roasted so all the fat gets rendered?

Dharma just makes me feel good.  I just feel really happy after every Dharma yoga class so that’s why I will keep doing it.

Spiritual Health
Still doing the meditation.  Life gets more and more sublime as each week progresses so of course we’re going to keep doing it.

There were about 5 days where we did our evening meditations at 1am.  I noticed that I’d spend my time sleeping during that meditation instead of actually meditating and I wasn’t so focused or efficient during the day when we did this.

We did a few at midnight and I’d be super fidgety and irritable because I’m right on that cusp of being sleepy but can’t sleep.  So, we really are going to have to meditate MUCH earlier from now on.

Paris & Rome
Rome biting a wire situated under the bed has been taking up a lot of our time this week.  Last week I mentioned Rome chewing wires and us moving things around so he couldn’t chew anymore.  Well, it didn’t work and within a couple of days, he managed to chew the wire all the way to split even a few copper filaments.

He can’t get enough of everything plastic, rubber and wood.  He even likes sticky tape.  One time he ripped sticky tape off a box and tried to eat it.  I didn’t even know that he did this until I saw sticky tape stuck to his double chin / chest, like a bib!  I had to use scissors to take it off otherwise I would have pulled out all his fur!!  What a Wally!

So this week, Tony bought some tubing to cover the wire.  Already Rome has chewed that up too but at least he won’t get to the centre of the wire for a little longer!  Let’s see how long this lasts!!  I tell you, rabbits are not cheap housemates!

I thought that if I covered the wire with the tube and then covered the tube with sticky tape, leaving the sticky part on the outside of the wire, that maybe Rome’s face fur or whiskers will stick to it every time he goes to bite it and he’ll hate it and will stop going near the wire.  This so didn’t work.  Instead it encouraged him to chew the tube more! In my frustration I pulled the sticky tape off the tube and stuck it on his nose.

He spent about 5 mins attempting to take it off and then, he started eating it.  So I pulled it (and I think his whisker) off him.  He wasn’t very happy but he didn’t associate the sticky tape pain with the wire and was back to chewing the wire /tube again soon after.  I’ve just left it now.  The purpose of the plastic cover wasn’t to stop him from chewing but to lengthen the time in between wire fixes.  So at least for now I know he can chew for at least a few weeks before he’ll reach the wire again.  Hopefully by then he’ll get bored of it.

This week I heard Tony chuckling and saying “cheeky sod!” when he was spending time with Rome.  When I asked him what that was about, he said that every time he went to give Rome a kiss on the forehead, Rome would turn around and stick his butt in Tony’s face. He did it 4 times in a row! hahaha!

The bunnies also got another visit from our 4yo neighbour.  He was happy this time around because Rome actually accepted food from his hand (hay).  I also told him that if he ignored Paris that Paris would approach him and within seconds Paris was by his knee giving him a sniff.  Our neighbour (the 4yo’s mum) even invited the bunnies over to play in their garden over summer.  Seriously, the bunnies get an invite to spend time in the neighbbour’s garden.  We just get to tag along for supervision!!

See you in a couple of days… for summary of this week x

2018 Week 7 Summary

Whoot!  7 weeks into 2018 and we get to start the year again!

Happy Chinese New Year!

This week, week 7 was the week of completions.  I was introduced to this concept of completions back in 1998.  Back then I just understood it as someone’s fancy way to name their to-do list.

“The completions I accomplished today were….” and then to me it just sounded like listing things off their to-do list that they managed to “complete”.

It’s only now, 20 years later that I finally get it.  So let me explain so you don’t need to take 20 years to figure it out (I know, I’m slow like that!).

So, you know those things that exist for you to do that you kind of leave and put off and then before you know it, months or even years go by and you still haven’t done it?  You know you’re supposed to do it so every now and again, something will come up that will remind you of it.  We all have those right?

WELL, let me tell you that the feeling you get when you actually get the thing done,  when that weight is off your shoulders, when the niggling can finally stop, when any thoughts of “oh yeah, I still have to do that” just disappear about that item….  THAT is a completion.

This week, was a week of that and it feels REALLY good!!

Paris & Rome
Rome’s exercise area has been in the hallway ever since he and Paris began to fight (about a year ago).  We barely let him into the bedroom because he bites EVERYTHING.  You only need to see our skirting boards and all the broken wires we’ve had to fix and/or replace, and now the entire underneath of the bed to understand.

If you like your stuff pristine, don’t get a rabbit.  Otherwise don’t put anything you care about, in a place where he can reach it with his teeth!!

This week, we bit the bullet and decided to trust him and leave him on his own in the bedroom.  We moved his entire play area into the room, finally clearing the hallway so we can walk through it freely without tripping on boxes, his toys or him.

It is the first week in over a year that we’ve been able to open and close our front door freely without hitting his boxes and having to walk in through the door sideways.  It feels AMAZING!

This is what Rome thinks about it…

Rome’s new play area. He’s upgraded from the hallway. Do you think he likes it?

The boys have taken it in turns to moult and go through some episode of GI stasis this week including me having to stay up until 3am just to make sure Paris was actually eating but pleased to report they’re both still alive, happy and eating and pooping well again.

I don’t mind this, I actually like having an excuse to massage their fat furry bellies.  It’s the only time they’ll let me touch them on their tummy (to gently ease their tummy ache).  I think being able to help them at this time has allowed the bunnies to learn to trust me even more.

House Stuff
The week of completions definitely compensated for the extremely lazy week we had last week.  Here were my completions of house stuff:

  1. Re-cleaned (because there were still some pee stains on it even after hosing it down with the shower and scrubbing it down) Paris’ carrier and finally packed it away.  This was outstanding since beginning of Jan when we got back from holiday.
  2. Cleaned all my makeup tools and brushes.  I made a point to do this once a year since I only wear makeup about once a year and it was due to be done at the end of last year.
  3. Fixed the blinds in the bedroom.  One of the ropes had come away from the blinds.  The one you pull so the blinds go up.  I had to hand sew quite a few places to put it back in place and get it working again.  This has been outstanding for at least 6 months, if not more.
  4. Fixed sliding door rubber lining (as much as I could anyway).  Rome pretty much destroyed it so I salvaged what I could and stuck it back on.  Again, another thing that has been broken for more than 6 months.

    It stops the sliding door from banging – what do you call this? Anyway, whatever it is, I had to fix it…
  5. Fixed chewed up wires – this is never ending since we got the bunnies but I’m hoping this was the last of it and that is because….
  6. We rearranged furniture and wires in the bedroom so that Rome could stay in there unsupervised without reaching or destroying any more than he already has.  There is part relief and also partly wondering if we’d done a good enough job in this department.  Hilarious to watch our inability to outsmart a rabbit.  When they really want to get to something, they can be very clever (and destructive) about it.
  7. Made new batches of natural personal and home cleaning products (Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, Face wash, hand wash, all-purpose cleaning spray and dishwashing detergent).  When I have to make many different kinds because they all finish at similar times, I procrastinate about it.  Probably shampoo / conditioner were the longest outstanding, for about a month or two (we just used hotel shampoos that we’d collected from holidays instead).
  8. Fixed Tony’s mala beads.  MULTIPLE TIMES.  I had to rethread all the beads because he broke the string, scattering beads everywhere.  This has been outstanding since last year.
    Tony’s Mala Beads (Tiger’s Eye) which are now just in a vase because we lost some after they scattered

    When I finally fixed it, he broke it again and so I just threw the beads into the vase as “decorative” rocks for flowers.

It’s really a wonderful feeling when you don’t have to think about things anymore.  Not because you’ve forgotten or blocked them from memory (because that requires effort) but because you really don’t have to think about them anymore because you’ve dealt with it and COMPLETED it!

On top of my completions, I also attempted to make almond milk AGAIN.  This is the 3rd time around.  This time, I blended the almonds and then used a muslin cloth to strain.  The result was a much smoother almond milk.  It was really good!!!

I made cake again using the strained almond meal.  This time I attempted making the same chocolate cake recipe without the cacao (because I wanted to know what it would taste like).  Bad idea.

Tony and I ate it anyway, doused it in strawberry jam and cream and when we ran out of jam, we used honey and cream.   Yes, this is honey.  It’s all crystalised because it’s raw honey and it’s cold in London 😉  It looks way better than it tasted!!

Chocolate Cake without the chocolate. It tastes like bicarb!


Joy & Tones

Mental Health
For completion, we finished watching the rest of Season 5 of Vikings.  I suppose I could just look it up but are these tales/stories of real people?  Is this series actually based on historical fact or are they fiction?

We’ve seen all of Ragnar’s life and right now we’re up to King Alfred (Alfred The Great) becoming King in England and Ragnar’s sons Ivar The Boneless and Bjorn Ironside having a Viking civil war.  If sticking closely to fact, then this is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed history lessons!!

In addition to this, we also managed to watch Daddy’s Home, Daddy’s Home 2 and Darkest Hour.  Some comedy and some more history!!  I actually liked watching Darkest Hour having watched Dunkirk maybe a month or two ago and also watching The Crown.  All three has the events of WW2 in England seen from different perspectives.  It really does bring history to life!

We’ve also continued to eat high fat (for brain health) foods.  It doesn’t do a thing to change weight and I might be going about it in the wrong way (eg we’ve eaten more cream and cheese in the last 2 weeks than we do in a year) but I’m doing it to help my brain and surprisingly, although very subtle, I’m definitely experiencing less brain fog episodes.  I’m still experiencing brain fog at times but less so than I was, late last year.

Physical Health
So, this week I went to Dharma for beginners.  The first time in a year? or 2 years?? and we LOVED it.  It was the same teacher whose classes we went to before and although it wasn’t at the same studio, he remembered us!

Since I haven’t been to any yoga for a while and have only done 3 classes (one vinyasa, one bikram and now one dharma), I was very stiff and weak.  I could barely hold myself up in side plank and was sweating profusely.

I was also unable to do warrior 3 (balancing stick)  with my arms perfectly straight/without strain.  Also, I used to be able to touch my knee to my forehead and now I cannot do that.  And don’t even get started with the binds… my shoulders are stuck in hunched forward position LOL

The great thing is, for the first time, I didn’t judge myself for it.  I just noticed that I couldn’t do certain things and instead of making myself feel bad (which I normally do), I actually thought, “Wow, it’s been a while huh?  It’s ok, you’ll get back there soon enough.  Just take it easy, take it as it comes.”

Spiritual Health
Which leads me back to meditation.  I got it wrong last week.  It is only THIS week that we’ve been meditating for 4 weeks.  Yet, there have been so many changes in our lives that it feels like it’s been way longer!!

This concept of “Take it easy, take it as it comes” is one that has made the most significant impact.  I’ve noticed that this is the thought that helps me to let go of expectations, let go of outcomes.  It is also the same concept that has me understand kindness and compassion to self, everything and everyone.

It’s also become easier to apply that kindness to myself and for that I am grateful to have found something that works to that effect.  Don’t get me wrong, my episodes of kindness and compassion are still few and far between.  I’m just saying, it’s becoming easier!

Chinese New Year Dinner 2018

So, here it is, our CNY 2018 meal.  We usually do this on the eve.

CNY 2018 Meal

We only took one photo.  Sorry, we were distracted chatting as we invited a couple of friends to help us eat it.  Whole steamed fish, whole ginger-shallot chicken, crab yee mein, dried oysters with fat choi and jai.

Our place has become pretty squishy since getting the rabbits and you can even see the fencing to the hallway in the background but it was nice to be able to invite people over even if it was “cosy”.

CNY is the one time of the year that I become really superstitious.  All those rules of cleaning the house, wearing red etc all get adhered to in our household and CNY meal ends up being the same/similar each year.  So anyone that’s seen me post about this in previous years will see pretty much the same picture every time!! Hahaha

Why?  Because when we started following all those superstitious rules about food, home and routine for CNY, life just started to improve. With each year, we have gotten healthier, happier and wealthier.  Even in tough years, it never ends up as tough as things used to be.

It could be experience or age or a different outlook to life but whatever the case, life started improving after our first CNY  when I looked up all the rules and adhered to them.  Why change/stop it if it works right?  If I had a pair of lucky underwear I’m sure I would wear them on CNY just to ensure the year ahead is more prosperous than the last.

And with that, I wish you too a very prosperous year of the Dog.  I hope you were wearing your lucky underwear and eating lots of long life noodles!

See you next week 🙂


2018 Week 6 Summary

Lazy week.

Paris & Rome
oday I spent 3 hours sitting around waiting to see my Paris bunny poo.  For 3 hours he’d done 3.  All morning.  As in 3 pellets in total.  They do over 100 a day.

So I chased him around and wouldn’t let him sit still.  I gave him tummy massages even though he kept trying to run away.  I brushed his fur for at least 45 mins  while he continued to run away, all so I could collect a fur ball large enough to be another rabbit.  Better in the bin than in his stomach.

He keeps having trouble pooing because he loses so much fur every moult and ends up ingesting a lot of it!  Except he does this every 3 months and every time, without fail,  he has an episode of constipation (GI Stasis).  If he weren’t a rabbit,  I wouldn’t be so worried but he is a rabbit and rabbits can actually die from GI stasis if it goes on for any longer than 4 hours.

He’s more active now and he’s moving around quite a bit on his own (without me having to chase him).  He’s even done a few binkies which means he’s feeling better.   He’s also managed to do a poo of more than 10 pellets and has eaten his favourite treats (still refuses the hay).  We’re not in the clear yet.  What a process!

Paris Bunny poking his head out of the tunnel to eat pellets from my hand.

Apart from that, this week, everyone in the house was being super lazy.  I’ve never seen the bunnies so lazy before.  Paris barely came out of his hutch the whole week preferring to just chill out in there, whether the door was open or not and Rome, after being let out to run, would more often than not, just head straight to his favourite spot behind the bed, plonk himself down and go to sleep.

They’d sleep for hours!  From 10.30am through to 11pm both of them would just sleep!!  This is not normal and yet they both did it, independent of each other.

Such a character. This is Rome Rabbit in his younger days “relaxing” in his hutch. Unsure why he chose to stick his double chin and paw over his litter. It looks so uncomfortable and yet he stayed like that for ages!

Nothing’s changed in diet, environment or routine, so it must’ve been the blue moon!

House Stuff
I keep sneezing.  The house is covered in rabbit fur which is so light it blows about as you walk past and I keep breathing it in as it floats by, so it keeps tickling my nose.  I’m sure it’s been all in my food too.  It’s exactly like when you get a tiny bit of dust on your tongue and no matter what you do, you can’t find it to get rid of that sensation that it’s there.

Within a day of vacuuming, there’s so much fur everywhere again that it looks like I didn’t vacuum at all.  It makes cleaning a nightmare.  On the upside I finally got around to cleaning Paris’ travel carrier which, was stained and full of pee.  I have no idea if it was him or if the sitter had shoved a different rabbit into his carrier during their 3 week stay.  Either way, Paris is not one to pee in his carrier because he’s a neat freak.

So… either she kept him there for way too long and he couldn’t hold anymore or, it was another rabbit.  It was so hard to clean.  It’s like trying to wash a small tent in your shower cubicle when your shower only fits one skinny person.

To add to all my usual chores, Paris also managed to jump onto the couch after his foot soaked up his pee.  So he left 3 pee-soaked foot prints all over the couch that I had to scrub out.  It’s the only bit I don’t understand.  Rome is super messy but very rarely gets pee on his foot. Paris, the neat freak seems to keep having his pee roll back down to his foot 80% of the time!

I made almond milk again (this time using the juicer) and with the “pulp”, I also made chocolate cake….. again!

Chocolate cake again. This time cream and honey on top.

Joy & Tones

Mental Health
I don’t think you can imagine just what kind of a lazy week we had.  So let me tell you.  When we get lazy, we watch movies or series.  This week, we managed to watch:
1.  Jumanji
2.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens
3.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi
4.  Thor Ragnarok
5.  Downsizing
6.  Wonder
7.  Murder on the Orient Express
8. ALL episodes of The Crown, Season 2
9.  Marshall
10.  The first 6 episodes of Vikings, Season 5.

I think I’ve forgotten to list a couple of things but when you watch that much, it all becomes a blur.  Unsure what this much TV watching does to the brain but it sure makes the days go by really quickly and I don’t think we’ll need to watch TV again for a while!

Physical Health
I missed Saturday yoga this week because Tony thought there was a Dharma class in the afternoon so we missed the morning class but realised too late that Dharma wasn’t on so we didn’t go at all.

For the first time ever, I managed to slice a bit of flesh from my finger with a knife.  Tony was talking to me while I was slicing carrots.  He was showing me something and of course I turned to look at him at the exact same moment I pushed down the knife which rolled off the carrot and straight into my finger.  It took a week before I could remove the plaster (bandaid) when normally I don’t have to use one because I don’t bleed or, it will heal in a day.  Slicing my flesh is a whole new ballgame.  Up to now my finger still hurts.

I did manage my first Bikram class on Tuesday.  The first in months!! I sat out pretty much one set of each posture in the standing series right after the warm up but I did promise myself to take it easy.  I still managed a toe stand 😉  The best part is, no ill after-effects.

The sharp pains in my shoulder that I mentioned last week have stopped about as quickly as they came.    For that to happen, I had to make an effort, not to make an effort.  I realised that when I wanted something to happen desperately and was being impatient with it or trying to control an outcome (no matter what it was), that’s when my shoulder would hurt.  If I let it go and just let it be, my shoulder would stop hurting.

In other words, I had to let go of my expectations and allow for whatever outcome to happen and as soon as I did, the pain would disappear.  Strange right?  Unusual to find such a bizarre solution to shoulder pain but that’s what happens when a pain is psychosomatic and I realise now that I push myself really hard and attempt to control many things that are out of my control, to the point where it causes me physical pain!

Spiritual Health
Still meditating twice a day every day and it’s getting much easier with being able to sit still the whole time.

I can’t believe we’ve had 4 weeks of meditation.

The 2 consistent things I have DEFINITELY noticed since starting meditation practice:
1.  Everything we eat tastes delicious.  We haven’t had a bad meal since we started meditating.  Bizarre!

2.  Every stranger we come across that we interact with, whether it’s waiter/waitress, courier, shop assistants etc, have all been super duper nice and helpful to us.

We’re in London!!  London – home of the shittiest customer service I’ve experienced anywhere.  London – the place where you have to stick your elbows out while walking, just to physically specify your personal space and prevent getting bumped around like a pinball between fast walking locals and tourists who always manage to stand right in the middle of any and every high-footfall pathway.    London – where customer service is self service.

You’d be lucky for anyone to even be in the department to ask a question and yet, each time we needed something, there was someone around and that person would go out of their way to help us get exactly what we needed.  Finding competent, friendly people to help you with each interaction is a miracle and I am loving this!!

So as not to bore you with rabbits and chocolate cake, here is another picture of our last holiday.  This is of, I guess, an indoor flea market which was located inside a shopping mall in Manila, Philippines. It was huge and spanned the entire basement area of the mall with all manner of trinkets, gadgets, clothes, jewellery, carpets, bedding and electronic devices.  This was just the t-shirt/clothes section!

I don’t know but this reminded me of all the knick-knacks I once used to buy that would sit on the shelves collecting dust and my frequent visits to the mall where I’d come back with bags of clothes, shirts and ornaments just because I thought they were cute.

It’s been a long time since we’ve done that.  Tones and I haven’t bought anything that’s not for the bunnies or for health in a very long time.  He bought his first thick winter jacket just yesterday.  I’ve been wearing the same winter jacket every day, all winter (I only have one) for the last 8 years.

Viewing this flea market from above is as surreal as it gets.  It’s like objectively viewing our past, consumeristic selves or, seeing a vibrant, colourful representation of what people’s cupboards and houses look like – every nook and cranny jam-packed full of stuff.

All I can say is, it’s nice to see this on holidays and I can’t wait for the day our place  doesn’t look like this either! 😉

Indoor flea market so you can shop for your trinkets in the comfort of air conditioning!

Well, that’s all for now.  I have to go do some vacuuming – AGAIN!

Next week, my blog will be late because it’s Chinese New Year’s eve next Thursday and Tony and I will be spending all day cooking.  On the upside, next week’s post will have all our food pictures of the CNY food we cooked.

See you then!! x

2018 Week 5 Summary

Goodbye January.  Hello February.

Sorry for the late post.  I had a week long feeling of procrastination about a lot of stuff (probably overwhelm – making changes to diet and lifestyle takes a lot of work!) and by the time I got around to doing the blog, I couldn’t finish it in time.

Am now starting the week completing things that were meant to be done last week!  Here’s the update…

House Stuff

We bought a bin.  It was to hold together and protect a whole bunch of wires (to stop the bunnies from getting at them and being able to chew them).

We already bought 2 previously to test out and so far so good which is why we bought the third.  At least the wires now look a lot neater than they did before.  They are now a tangle in the bin rather than a tangled mess all over the floor and shelves!  The negative is that Rome has found a new thing he loves to bite.  Cheeky monkey.  At least we know the bin works and he’s not chewing the wires!

The blinds and floor remain broken/undone but I did manage to make natural dish washing detergent, natural laundry detergent and all of the following:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Steamed Aubergine with Shitake Mushrooms and Asparagus


Vegetarian Greek Wraps with homemade Tzatziki. Wrapped in a spring green leaf (instead of bread) to keep it grain free.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes…. I made chocolate cake twice in one week!  Yes!! Me!! The non-baker who absolutely gets it all wrong and cannot bake to save her life made 2 chocolate cakes in one week!!!

One was made with coconut flour and the second was made with the soggy left over almond meal I got after whizzing the almonds in a blender with water to make almond milk 😉  #homemade #organic #almondmilkandchocolatecake #zerowaste #omgitwassoyummy

Joy & Tones

Mental Health
Tones when people ask him about what he’s eating (he’s brought the above for lunch):  “Joy’s been watching this thing on the brain and so now I have to eat this.”

To clarify, I watched a docu-series for 8 days that talked about the preventative measures you could take regarding dementia and other forms of brain degeneration and mentioned that changes to your diet are necessary to look after your brain health.

The way he says it, it sounds like I watched some propaganda and then forced him into a horrible fad diet which is a painful process to him.

So I want to make it clear that he decided to do this on his own!

I am now attempting to remove grains and as much sugar as possible from my own diet considering that I’ve been displaying multiple episodes of brain fog and I’m much too young to have this much memory loss.  If it works and I no longer suffer from brain fog and memory loss, I will continue it and if not, I will find something else that will work!

Tony is showing absolutely no signs of losing his mind and is therefore allowed to eat as many biscuits as he likes.  However, he has also watched parts of the docu-series and seen that I have displayed all the symptoms they spoke about!!!  So, as a preventative, he’s decided to take on the same pro-active choices about diet as I have.

Judge for yourself, from the pictures above of what we’ve been eating, it’s not really a bad thing now is it?  Everything we’ve been eating has tasted really good!

Physical Health

I went to my first yoga class in a few months, this week.  It was a Vinyasa class.  That was on Saturday.  I took it easy and felt good afterwards.  It was the only class I did all week.  Tony did Vinyasa and Bikram.  He actually enjoyed his Bikram class and said he needed to do it more.  Somehow I feel my body calling for it too.  Maybe I’ll re-introduce myself to it next week.

On Wednesday, my shoulder started producing sharp pains.   The same as that which I had a couple of years ago that had me stop doing yoga for a while because it lasted for months.  It doesn’t make sense for this pain to occur so many days later after only 1 yoga class and to be so acute.  I can barely lift my arm!!

I’m thinking this is some sort of physical manifestation of an unresolved emotional issue which is now coming up to the surface because of the changes I’m making in mind and body.  That’s my theory anyway.  I will still take it very easy.

Spiritual Health
Had my 10 day check-up with the meditation teacher (where they just check that you’re happy with the progress of your meditation and answer any questions you may have about your practice).  Turning this into a habit is actually difficult.  I can’t believe I’ve been meditating for 2 full weeks by the end of today!

When asked how often I meditated, I answered, 20 mins twice a day, every day.  This was the truth.  However I didn’t find it easy.  I would prioritise everything else instead.

My morning meditation would end up getting done in the afternoon and my evening meditation would get done at 1 am just before I went to bed.

Then I wouldn’t be able to sleep because I’d feel energetic after meditation and then I’d have broken sleep and wake up really tired and groggy in the morning.  I’d then find myself really irritable and unable to sit still for the next meditation and so would postpone it for “a little bit later”.

It’s so funny the things we do to sabotage ourselves and yet, here I am, 2 weeks later having managed to get it done.  I am amazed at the ease in which it happened.  I’ve never stuck to anything for this long on the first go, ever.

It is quite interesting to watch this battle I’m having with myself – the Id/Ego vs the Superego.  Experiencing and watching the struggle to change or form habits because my unconscious is so happy with sticking with what it’s used to.


Paris & Rome

This was an eventful week for the boys as they got an unexpected visit from our neighbour and her 4 year old son.

We bumped into the neighbours in the hallway, Tony mentioned we had rabbits and with that, they came up to visit.

Her son was so happy to see them.  Rome and Paris were completely freaked out and didn’t give them a friendly reception.  It was their first ever visit with anyone in their own territory.

Paris was particularly shy and although curious, would keep hiding or watching everything from inside his hutch.  Rome would come out only when they left his play area.  He’d steal some food and run back under the bed to eat it.  They just looked like a couple of scared, wild rabbits.  They wouldn’t eat from our hands, they wouldn’t eat when being watched, they wouldn’t come when called.

If you saw them, you would think all my stories of their cheeky behaviour and training, were made up!

Since we stressed them out with the visit, we decided to just take it up a notch and cut their nails.  This involves Tony carrying and holding them still (which they absolutely hate and often fight) and me cutting their nails.  We did this after the neighbours left.

This time Paris scratched Tony’s finger enough to make it bleed and while held, he was hyperventilating and breathing really loudly 😦  They stress so much it stresses us out and so we avoid picking them up as much as they avoid being picked up!  Nail cutting is not pleasant for any of us!

In another event, Paris nearly bit me.  He lunged at me with mouth open and I retracted my hand just quickly enough to get scratched but not punctured by his teeth.  They’re moulting at the moment so he tends to get GI stasis (and therefore really grumpy because he’s in pain) if he ingests too much of his own fur.  He lunged when I wouldn’t stop bugging him to eat.  The good part is, he ate soon after and he hasn’t suffered from GI stasis as much this moulting time around.

Right… see you in a few days with the normal Thursday blog 😉


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Practicing svadhyaya by reflecting on learnings in yoga class


Building A Business While Having A Life

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All things health, psychology and happiness to get more out of life!

Hiking Photography

Beautiful photos of hiking and other outdoor adventures.

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Home is where the heart is