3.5 weeks 600 views and our first Honours

OMG!! We’re addicted to YouTube.  I don’t think a day goes by where we don’t login just to see the stats!  What geeks we are!!

We’ve been called “sad”, “happy”, had lots of friends rolling their eyes at us for making our silly vids… but that’s how you know you’re doing the right thing… Right???

Well, we’re doing this because it’s fun, yes, 4 hours in front of a computer editing a number of vids and watching the same thing over and over again until we can’t tell if it’s funny any more is fun!!! 😛

Today, we were honoured to see that Loro Parque commented on our most recent upload Tenerife Ep 10 – Loro Parque Penguins

We were even more excited when we noticed that we were awarded with our first ever YouTube Honours.

#86 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Travel & Events

Still don’t know how the honours system works but we haven’t seen any of our other vids with honours before, so this is exciting for us.

Now… we figure, that if we get more comments on our vids, we will move up in the ranking… so… if you haven’t seen it already, watch our vid and comment!! 😛

What do we get by going up in the ranking?  Pride!! 😉

Don’t worry, there’s no risk of our egos being over inflated – I mean, c’mon! We’re excited about being No. 86 for TODAY…

We’re going to enjoy it.. even if it’s just for today 😀

Hope you enjoy the vid and we’ll see you again soon!

Joy & Tony


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