An Oldie but a Goodie

Hi!  It’s been a while so let me catch you up on some things that have happened over the year since we first started this blog…. starting with…. my hair cut!

Also, I thought it would be good to mention this as it is one way to get a free hair cut in London – lots of places need hair models and getting cuts this way will mean you can get a cut worth hundreds of pounds for £5 or free!

So, last year, September 2010, Tony was in LA and I was left in London to my own devices for 3 months!!!

What came of this time by myself?  Well, I worked (a LOT) and then came home in time to have a conversation with Tony via Skype and with the time difference, Tony would be eating his lunch while I ate my dinner….  We’d chat and in his 1 hour lunch break, we were able to share a meal together EVERY DAY (with a few exceptions for which I got quite upset with him… “I only ask for 1 hour of your time a day” blah blah blah, poor sod!).

I digress…. anyway, while he was out at client meetings, hanging out with the boys and having an awesome time, I was at home watching YouTube (in between working, Skyping and sleeping).  I know right?  Who got the better deal  here?

Out of boredom and social deprivation, I made the clip below.    As an amateur vlogger, this took me 2.5 hours to do, so I was well impressed with myself!!   It was posted in November 2010, just before I was headed to LA to spend a week holidaying with Tones at the end of his US stint (my reward for being without him for 3 months!!  The trip was so much fun and I’ll have to tell you about this next time).

In that sense, the vlog is an oldie but it’s our most watched video, so compared to everything else we’ve posted.. it’s a goodie 🙂  It’s also the craziest haircut I’ve ever had… EVER and it was free!

Depending on the salon you go to, you can still be a hair model and get a much more conservative cut than this!  I only did this because I just wanted something very different… and that’s what I got!

Hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think of the vid or the cut either by posting a comment here or on YouTube!




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