LA Trip begins


Have you ever been on a trip where you knew it was going to be fun, you couldn’t wait, you got there and it was even more awesome than what you imagined it would be?  Well, we had one of those trips and it was this one.. the LA Trip of 2010.

I hear you asking… well what was so good about it?  I say, my dear friend, ask a better question!

Oh! What made it more awesome than I imagined it would be?  Good question!

My answer?  I reckon it was my expectations!  I didn’t have many so, all my expectations were met…   then, everything else was icing, a cherry, some sugar and spice on top… actually no it wasn’t… it was an entire Eton Mess on top of a Pavlova!!  Friggin’ Awesome!

I had only 1 expectation when I went on this trip and it was to be with Tony again ’cause we had been apart for 3 months (he was in LA for work)!  I know, it sounds corny but we do love each other and 3 months was a long time to be away from each other… yes yes… sop sop… what… ever…. say what you will.. but we like being corny… and soppy…

OK… so I did get to be with Tony again AND…. we had an awesome holiday.  This clip is just the beginning, will post some more as we get to put them together.  This was day 1, I’d arrived late the night before, couldn’t sleep then woke up really early in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep so Tones took me out to Westfield to see the local area / shops where he’d been living for 3 months.

When we got there, I saw all manner of things that I’d never seen before like a Caja drink… never knew what a Caja was or what it tasted like until this day – watch the glow in my eyes when my brain registers just how awesome it is!!

Next we found Kurtosh… again never knew what that was until this day.  Who knew such wonders existed in this world!!  We also witnessed a professional Sign Holder with Sign skillz!!  What a day….  After that a long drive to cousin Jeff’s for dinner. We went to Anjin Japanese BBQ Restaurant – it was VERY Yummy and we met up with Tones’ Aunt and Uncle there too.

If you want to try it… Anjin is:

3033 Bristol St
Ste N
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

We took some piccies but didn’t put it on the video, so we’ll include them in the next one.

You’ll see in the vid I look wide awake during clubbing but that’s because I took a nap beforehand.  I have to say… I zonked out completely and could barely keep my eyes open to get to clubbing but I forced myself to wake up and off we went…

The clubbing experience was, I have to say, very interesting.  It was extremely crowded, barely any room to move or walk around but managed to find space eventually.  Also, I would find that guys would randomly walk up to me and touch my arm with the back of their hand…. what does that mean?  Is this an American greeting I’ve not been told about?  They didn’t say anything, they just walked on by.  Thing is about 5 people did this, so I left the club quite baffled.

OH! Forgot to tell you – getting in was SUCH a palava! Ho Ma Faan and a half!  What happened?  Well.. you got me, one girl with 6 boys… they all had ID and well, I didn’t… I left my passport 2.5 hours drive away.  What did I need an ID for?  I’m sure by now I look over 18 and I haven’t been asked for ID anywhere in London… but you need it in the States…

They had us stood out there for a while and finally succumbed to my “I’m an Australian, and it’s my birthday in a few days where I’ll be turning 35!!! And.. well, I don’t drink alcohol anyway.. and I’ve come all the way from London etc etc etc” pity me speech.  But it worked and we were in.  The boys reckon it was my foreign accent that saved me 😛  But if I have any advice for you REMEMBER YOUR ID no matter how old you are!!!!!!!!

Now.. to tell you about the after clubbing experience which was, LEGEND.. wait for it… DARY!

I tell you why… we went to have a 2am Pho.. seriously!!! A hot bowl of delicious Pho in the middle of the night, it was a little sweeter than what we’re used to but tasty none the less.

Then after Pho…. a delicious dessert of blueberry (muffin) donut… crunchy sugary glaze so sweet in your mouth on the outside, and soft mouth watering donut on the inside that had the weight and consistency of a muffin… NEVER had one of those before or again for that matter… seems we’ll have to travel all that way just to experience that heavenly goodness again!  The best part is.. they’re only open from 9pm-11.30am…. So it’s perfect for your after clubbing munchies.  God Bless America!

“Where do you get these delicious treats?”  I hear you ask?

Well, for reading this far… I’ll thank you by giving you the address… here it is:

M&M Donuts

1614 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA 92802

Grab one when you can and enjoy it for us!!!

Enjoy the clip guys and we’ll see you next time 🙂



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