London Highs and London Lows…

Hey! (is for horses… so they say… but I like that greeting and it’s obvious that they don’t know how to spell… so… Hey!)

London High?  We went to Mercedes World on a very short notice invitation, didn’t know it existed or where it was so it was an excellent opportunity and now we can tell you all about it 🙂 Whoohoo!

London Low?  Our place got robbed!!! Can you believe it?  We still can’t… and we’re still trying to work out exactly what they’ve taken!  It was exactly a week ago!

I’ve been mugged in London (only a few months ago) and that’s another story I can tell you another time.  I mention it now purely for comparison.  You see, when you get mugged, only what is on you gets stolen and you can pretty much remember it all  BUT when it’s your home… WELL, that’s a whole different ball game.  How many things do you put away in nooks, crannies, boxes, cases, tins, cupboards, drawers, bags, etc.

Do you even remember what you have?  Do you remember where you put it all?  Do you know what it’s all worth?  We thought we’d written a pretty comprehensive list (post robbery) and then we had a friend come over, talk about something and realised… OMG.. that’s missing too!!!

Goodness knows, in about 2 weeks we’ll probably realise there’s yet another thing we hadn’t listed that had been stolen.  The robbers had all day – they stole from all 3 flats in our building.  Based on what we lost in our flat alone, if you multiply that by 3, I can definitely confirm that robbery is a VERY lucrative business to get into!

From this event, I will definitely be posting another blog to share some awareness about home burglary… so keep an eye out for that!

For now, let’s find out more about our trip to Mercedes World shall we?

So, I work for a woman who is an Independent Consultant and Regional Vice President of Arbonne UK and she invited me to an Arbonne event which was held at Mercedes World.  Why Mercedes World?  Well, it’s because everybody that joins the business and reaches a particular level in Arbonne gets a brand spanking new, shiny, white Mercedes!!  Friggin’ awesome!

The event was on the Monday just passed.  I get the invitation to the event that afternoon, so ask Tony to join me as well.  We catch a train to Weybridge and then get a lift to Mercedes World!  The event was great, the speakers were inspirational as they’d built multi-million dollar global businesses.

The cars…. well, they were just as cool, didn’t take any videos but we did take some pictures.  Why not a video?  I’ll tell you why not… because our camera got stolen in the burglary!! So, I had to take all the pictures with my phone…

I digress, back to Mercedes World… they had F1 (Mercedes, Force India, MacLaren) cars on show which reminds me… we HAVE to tell you about the Renault World Series which we went to the other week… so much to tell!!!

OK – focus… Mercedes World.. most of the cars were in the dark because the place was open for the event, not for you to visit the showroom floors.  We’ve therefore taken pictures of things that had some light.

What caught my attention was that they have a track where you can get the “ultimate driving experience”.  Not quite sure what this entails but it probably involves driving a Mercedes at high speeds around the race track…  I wonder if they get a driver to drive you around the track at high speeds…!!

We’ll definitely be going back there in the day time when the shops, the track and the showroom floors are open but for now here are our photos – enjoy!



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