Best Yum Cha (Dim Sum) in London!

There you go, I declared it..

Which means, somewhere out there, somebody is going to challenge this statement, find some other yum cha place which they like better.   And to that, I say… “Go on son!! I dare you!!  No, I double dare you!”

… and then make sure you come back here and tell me where the place is so we can try it out!! 😛

This Chinese restaurant is now my most favouritest (yes I tend to use words that don’t exist… they exist now!!) yum cha place in all of London!  So much so that my foodie friends make it a regular event to go (maybe every 2nd weekend because yum cha every weekend is a bit much)!

BUT it’s also a highly guarded secret… In fact, the mere fact that I’m blogging about this could very much mean I’ll be excluded from any more invitations to gold mine restaurants!

Shhh! Don’t tell my foodie friends that I told you!  Oh the dilemma!  It’s sooo good I want to tell the world but I might just wreck it for all in the know…!


Yes, it’s true… at this restaurant I’m about to tell you about, we were honoured to have enjoyed the privilege of all-you-can-eat yum cha!

Now, most people would scoff at “all you can eat” because it brings up thoughts of buffets with food that’s been sitting there for hours, not the greatest quality, just fillers, lots of fried stuff etc etc  BUT this is SOOO not that!! Just have a look at the video and you’ll see!

Basically, they bring out a whole lot of different things for you to try (or you can pick what you want from their menu) and they keep bringing it out and putting it on your table until you tap out…!!

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Abundant and ever flowing Yum cha…

When you eat as much as we do, this is a dream come true!

So the deal is, this all you can eat yum cha is an introductory promotion to bring more customers in and at any time (ie when they have plenty of customers) the restaurant can cancel it.  So you see, the more people we tell, the less likely it will exist and yum cha will return to normal uncapped prices… boo hoo…

NEVERTHELESS the yum cha is still tasty and well worth the money you pay and if you get the chance, we’d still recommend you try it (all you can eat or not)!

So… what’s on offer? Your usual yummy yum cha choices (har gao, har cheong, siu mai, char siu bao etc) and a plethora of delicious treats like their black cod roll, beef & foie gras dumpling and chocolate dim sum!!

We were so impressed with their lunch that we went to dinner there (on a different night of course) and that was just as amazing!!

The Peking Duck was very good – crispy skin, moist breast, soft pancakes, mmm mmm mmmmm!  They also treated us with some impressive abalone dish (marinated for 5 days) and lobster with foie gras!  Probably the only thing they didn’t do was dip it in gold!

Well, here’s the video 🙂  I get hungry just watching it!!  Enjoy!

😛  NO, I didn’t forget!!  You saw that video and immediately wanted to know where the restaurant was right? 🙂  Here you go… bon appetit!

Grand Imperial London (right next to Victoria Station)

101 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0SJ

I wish we got some kind of referral fee because we are telling everybody but alas we don’t… so put in a good word for us!  If they ever ask you how you found out about them, let them know that Tony and Joy sent you 😉


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