Entering Competitions

So I’ve been bored lately, well not really.

In today’s world, with the internet so full of news, friends to contact via Skype, people to stalk on Facebook, getting past the junk in your inbox, reading people’s random thoughts on twitter, reading my random thoughts on this blog, smart phones, Kindle, YouTube plus your usual TV and computer game consoles, regular board games and reading books (yeah do people still do that?), cooking and eating… you catch the drift, what person living in today’s society could possibly get bored?

So no, I wasn’t bored BUT I needed to occupy myself during some “downtime” and decided that entering online competitions would be a good way to do it… You see, while I get the downtime (ie no hard thinking, concentration or decisions time), I find out about new products and receive samples or enter the possibility of winning products.

My point?  I am really impressed with the return on my down time investment 🙂

You see, I can enter competitions while I do my audio French lessons, or while I watch TV, or in between cooking while I wait for something to simmer on the stove and just by doing this,  I have managed to get a Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner sample, 4.5ml Burberry perfume sample, coupon for a free hand lotion, coupon for a free block of margarine and I’m waiting for some things to come in the mail (coffee samples, more shampoo and conditioners, more perfume).

I’ve only been doing this once in a while over a few weeks (started in December 2011) so it’s a pretty good result if you ask this non-seasoned competition-entering person, and once you start, you’d be surprised at how much there actually is out there!!

My coolest find so far?  Victorinox Fragrances – who knew?  I thought they only made Swiss Army Knives… but go figure, if it’s still available, you can choose a sample of one of their fragrances here…  http://victorinox.yb.nl/widget/index.html?language=en

No, I don’t get anything for it, just sharing the link!

Enjoy 🙂


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