Laws of the Universe – Opposites (The Law of Polarity)

Now that we are in winter time in London with short days and long hours of darkness, to combat the feelings of depression and wanting to hibernate, I’ve started to utilise a lot of the Personal Development exercises and techniques I’ve learned throughout the years.

One of the things I’ve refreshed my memory about is the 7 Natural Laws of the Universe.  I thought it important to share this with you because these laws exist just like gravity. They are a part of our lives always whether we like them or not and just like gravity, they cannot be changed, twisted or bent – they just are and whether or not we accept they are, doesn’t change a thing.

As they don’t exist in any particular order of importance, I’ve chosen the Law of Polarity today, which states that everything has an opposite.

Everybody knows that right?  Light-Dark, Up-Down, North-South, Day-Night, Hot-Cold, Left-Right, Good-Bad

But why is it important?  Because, polar opposites make existence possible – if what you are didn’t coexist with what you are not, then you could not be….

I tell you one thing, the Law of Polarity has definitely shown up in the difference between life in Australia and life in London!

When I was in Australia (Sydney), the sun would come up at 6am and set at 7pm.  The sun would be up and out every day, you’d feel its warmth on your skin even in the winter.  If it rained, it would rain in a thunderous, pelleting shower, then it would stop and the sky would be blue once again for another 10 days straight (or longer).  The winter sunrise and sunset wouldn’t be much different from the summer ones, maybe 1-2 hours difference but you’d pretty much be guaranteed 6am-7pm daylight hours the whole year through.  Result?  Consistent sleeping hours, being rested and a feeling of general well being every day of the year.

In London, during winter, the sun rises at 8am and sets at 4pm which means it’s night when you get up and night when you’re having your afternoon coffee break. Most of the time it’s grey, and when it rains it’s like a misty spray with low cloud cover for days on end and when the sun comes out, you can see it but you can’t feel it.

In summer, the sun rises at 3am and sets at 11pm which means you don’t get much sleep especially if you wake up when there’s light like me.  This irregularity with sleeping changes my mood a LOT because I do get listless and impatient when I’m tired and the constant feeling of lethargy can be easily compared with feelings of sadness and depression.

But then, the summers in London are FANTASTIC, it never gets so hot that you get sticky.  There are no flies, ants or cockroaches and the birds don’t squawk loudly outside your window at 5am – the birds here tweet quietly and pleasantly!  I’ve been able to use the word “Pleasant” when describing weather here too which I could NEVER do in Australia.  And with summer berry delights, Pimms and Eaton Mess, outdoor events, music festivals and liveliness for hours and hours on end, London Summers a real treat!   And the cold winters make for EXCELLENT Christmas fare, markets,  mulled cider, mulled wine, hot chocolate!

The Law of Polarity for me:  Sydney = Certainty / Regularity, London = Uncertainty / Variety

Has my way of being changed based on the country I’m living in?  DEFINITELY.  Here in London, I create regular habits for myself to do to keep me happy and healthy.  Whereas in Sydney, I was always looking for adventure and to do something different, to keep myself entertained.

So tell me, where / how has the Law of Polarity shown up in your life?


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