The Laws of the Universe – Timing (The Law of Rhythm)

Following from last week’s post, I wanted to share yet another Natural Law of the Universe.

If you can’t bend them or change them and they exist whether or not you care… then wouldn’t it be more powerful to care about how they are integrated into your life?

Wouldn’t it be more useful to learn them, understand them, observe them and utilise them to your best advantage?  Or at least be aware of them?

Well, I’ll leave that to you to decide 🙂

In the meantime let me explore the Law of Rhythm…

Everything in our world has a rhythm, a natural cycle, a flow, a certain timing.  The moon, tides, seasons, floods, droughts, night, day, your brain, your heart each has its own rhythm.  It’s one thing to be aware of this, it’s another to feel the beat and dance through life with everything.

There’s definitely no point fighting against the natural rhythms of the universe because doing so is simply fruitless behaviour and only leads to complete exhaustion with nothing to show for your efforts.

The best example I can think of to describe this is surfing.  I’m no expert, in fact, I’ve only ever had one lesson but in that lesson I learned something extremely valuable for life and that was to go with the rhythm, the flow of the ocean – “USE IT’S ENERGY”.

When they told me that, my only thought was – Use it’s energy? What the hell are you talking about?  I just want to know how to stay afloat and how to fall off without the board hitting me on the head!

But they went further to explain… seasoned surfers watch the sea for a while before they actually go in to surf.  What do they look for?  The rhythm of the ocean – where the waves come crashing onto the beach, where the swells collect and grow, how often and at what speed and most importantly, where the energy is pushing the water into shore and where the equally just as powerful force (the rip) is pulling the water out to sea…

If you don’t watch the rhythm of the ocean, you can be caught off guard and both the waves and the rips are dangerous when this happens – multiple waves crashing down on you, spinning you into disorientation and keeping you under the water no matter how hard you try to get up is a painful and scary experience.  If you’ve ever been caught in a rip, you’ll know how scary it is too, when the water keeps taking you farther and farther away from the shore in a matter of seconds no matter how hard you try to swim back.

BOTH have happened to me so I learned how to protect myself from both in future…  1. Never turn your back against a wave and 2. Never swim against a rip – let it push you out to sea and swim sideways until you’re out of it before using your energy to swim back to shore.

Surfers however, do more than this!  They utlise both to their advantage – they ride the rip to get out to sea like their very own natural chair lift, then sit and wait for the wave.  When the time is right, they exert only as much effort as it takes to “catch” the wave and the energy of the ocean brings them back to shore!  The effort was minimal but the feeling of being one with the rhythm and having the ocean carry you?  Absolutely exhilarating!!

How does this translate to life?  Everything has a cycle, there’s the up and the down, the ebb, the flow, fast beats, slow beats and one will always follow the other.  Nothing will stay the same.  Change happens but don’t let it catch you off guard, be prepared for the change!  See it coming and act accordingly.  Better still, use it’s energy!!

Learn the cycle, then.. ride the rip, wait, and then ride the wave!

Surf through life and enjoy the ride 🙂

Here’s some inspiration….
More Surfing Videos


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