The Laws of the Universe – Comparison (The Law of Relativity)

Continuing from the last 2 posts, my intention is to keep writing about each Law of the Universe until I complete all 7 (however, some have led me to believe there might be more… perhaps I’ll discover them as I continue to write about them or if you’re liking these posts and notice I’ve missed one, then please let me know!).

For now, let’s explore The Law of Relativity which states that nothing is “what it is” until you compare it to, or relate it to something else.

Something is greener than, higher than, slower than, taller than, fatter than, smaller than, softer than, hotter than… x, y, z or me.

If everyone were the same height and weight and shape then we probably wouldn’t have any words to describe those attributes but this isn’t the case because we live in a world where one thing is what it is because another thing….. is what it is!

When I created this blog, it was with the intention to write about the differences and similarities between Sydney and London and the silly things we did.  Now I’m writing about the Laws of the Universe!

If you compare this post to earlier ones, am I more serious?  Wiser? Not so fun?  Does it really matter?  🙂  Whether or not we’re supposed to compare, we are going to do it anyway!  We have to do it in order to make sense of the world.

So I’ve accepted that there are differences in everyone, every situation and every experience.  I also remember that to compare, is not just to discover differences but also sameness!

Processing whether or not something is positive or negative, better or worse is all up to the perceiver – he/she who perceives.  That’s you and me!!

Knowing this, it follows then, that we have control of how we feel about “X” in comparison to “Y” because we get to choose what “Y” will be.  Please let that sink in because it is in my humble opinion, so powerful!

We control how we feel by choosing to compare to something that makes us feel that feeling, whether positive, negative or somewhere in between.  So why not take this law and utilise it to our advantage and start comparing things in a way that has us feeling grateful?

I am grateful to you for reading this far 🙂


PS – Happy Straya day Aussies!!  Be grateful to be Strayan ’cause it’s an awesome country!

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