The Laws of the Universe – Results (The Law of Cause and Effect)

Every Cause has an Effect and every Effect has a Cause.  Newton’s law of motion, “to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” is exactly what this law is about.  We are at the effect of causes and we cause certain things to take effect.  We send energy out and we will get the same level of energy in return.

This makes me think of a concert – how ever much energy the performer gives, the crowd always gives back.  Whatever energy the crowd gives, the performer gives back and so on and so forth… resulting in everyone totally rockin’!  Here’s a clip of one of my favourite performances.


I chose this clip because Robbie Williams is one of those performers who really gives tonnes of energy and whether or not you like him, you will always feel awesome and respect his work after he performs!!  I admit I wasn’t a fan until I saw him in this specific performance, getting 100’s of thousands of people jumping up and down.

It was impressive not just because of the number of people but more so, the fact that he got the crowd engaged, participating, bouncing and screaming more than any other performers had before (and after) him from the same stage, on the same day.

It was inspiring!!

I’m sure Robbie Williams knows that his music doesn’t appeal to everyone and nor does his personality.  This was the Live 8 concert and so many other performers were there which means the crowd wasn’t there just to see him and a lot could be bigger fans of the other bands.  Yet none of the other performers got the crowd rocking the way he did.

He was the most successful at engaging a huge mix of people that were both fans and non-fans at a time where most of those people had already been standing out there for HOURS!

So how did he do it? I think the Law of Cause and Effect had something to do with it.

1. Cause produces Effect.  Effect is the result of Cause.  A person can either be the one that causes things to happen or the one that is affected by the things that happen.

2.  Non-successful people live “In Effect” which means that things happen to them, they get into situations because of other people, their past and things out of their control.  They are victims of circumstance and there’s nothing they can do about it.  They have a lot of EXCUSES and reasons as to why their life is the way it is right now.

3.  Successful people live “At Cause” as often as they can.  They know that they cannot control everything but they think, feel and do things that cause their desired RESULTS. They know sh*t happens and mistakes are made but they learn from it, they let go of things that aren’t useful to them (including their excuses and their reasons) and do things that will get them what they want instead.  They take responsibility for their results and do things to change their outcome if their situation isn’t what they desire at the time.

4. We are all living in the same world with the same problems, yet we all have different results.  If results come from causes and a person can cause results…  then the result you have is one you caused.  Being at cause or in effect is your choice.

Watch the clip again.  Is Robbie Williams at cause or in effect?  Did the crowd get rocking because it was him?  Were they jumping and screaming because he was singing that particular song which everyone liked?

Pay attention to his face right at the end and you will see that there is something else at play – you can see it in his eyes.  He wasn’t surprised that the crowd went mental.  You can see him looking out into the sea of screaming people, knowing he achieved what he had set out to do.   He didn’t just sing and hope that the crowd would scream and jump because they liked him or his song.  He  went out there and was screaming, he was jumping, he kept encouraging them to bounce and scream, he was interacting with them.  He sent out tonnes of energy and by the time the song finished everyone was giving him back the same amount of energy.  He caused that result and he knew it.

Now think of ALL the people you consider successful or produced a successful result and notice that they are not successful just because the wind blew them there.  They all got rid of their excuses and caused their desired results by doing whatever it took to get the outcome they wanted.

So, now that you know this, the question is, are  you producing successful results in your life?

Are you happy to continue with your life as it is?  Since it’s your choice, which side of that Cause and Effect equation will you choose to be on?

What do you think would happen if you approached life the way Robbie approached that performance?

You got it!

Rock on! 🙂


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