A reminder to DANCE!!!

Throughout my teenage years, I developed broad shoulders and very strong back muscles.  It is so evident that most people ask me if I was a gymnast or a swimmer.  The truth is, I never played any sports and I couldn’t swim to save my life – throw me a buoy!!

So why such broad shoulders and why such big muscles on my back?Some say it’s because I’m an angel and it allows me to carry my wings…awww.

I used to carry a very heavy bag to and from school every day and when I lived on my own, used to carry LOADS of bags of groceries home on my own in a backpack and then carried the rest on each arm so that I didn’t have to go back and forth.   I was also quite stressed throughout my high school and uni days.

Whatever the reason, the muscles in my back would be knotted every day, my shoulders would be really tight and most of my body really stiff in the morning.  It is obvious that my back is where I hold tension.  And now that I’m older regardless of whether or not I’ve carried anything heavy or if I’m stressed, my back still hurts.

Nothing remedies these pains the way yoga does so I make sure to practice a min 30mins every day however as I’ve gotten older, the pain has become more noticeable, more frequent and not just that, the stiffness has increased as well so that very often even 30mins isn’t enough…

and then… I saw this clip….. and it all made sense!!

The key is to move!!!

I’m not getting old and creaky… I’ve just been sitting in front of the computer all day and not moving!!

So here’s your reminder (and mine..) to move.. dance and melt away the fuzz  🙂

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