And you wonder why you should eat wholefoods!

So last week I took a little break from posting about the Laws of the Universe to bring you a pretty insightful  (well to me it was) “Make sure you move your body” reminder!!  I hope from now on, you make sure you move your body!! ALL THE TIME if you can… if you’re not moving… well, you’re developing rigor mortis in preparation for your eternal sleep… good luck with that, just letting you know that it’s supposed to happen after you die, not while you’re alive!

So, stretch right now while you read this!! You’ll thank me for it!

OK so, following from that, I came across yet another one of those “insightful” clips.  This one’s about wholefood vs processed food.

Since my mum jumped onto the “only natural” wagon when I was in my teens, I’ve heard it ALL!!  You know what I’m talking about, the “Sodium Laureth Sulfates shouldn’t be in your soaps or shampoos” and, “If you can’t say it, don’t eat it!”, “Numbers are for counting, not eating, if you see numbers in the ingredients don’t eat it!”, “Aloe Vera this”, “Bee propolis that” rants, raves and preaching (make sure you say those in a really “blah blah blah” voice and that’s pretty much how I perceived those lessons!).

Anyway, growing up with that, you learn to shut it off and even go the opposite way.  I actually spent much of my uni years eating only mars bars and cup-a-noodle soups but then I got REALLY sick and kept on getting sick.  I was on the highest doses of antibiotics for bronchitis for MONTHS and that caused all sorts of uncomfortable side effects and STILL my lungs were infested with phlegm… yeah pretty gross right?

Anyway, I was recommended to go to a Naturopath.  Needless to say I rolled my eyes at it BUT I was desperate, so I took the stuff they recommended and I went through this healing crisis for about a week (where you feel like you’re gonna die because you actually FEEL everything that’s wrong with your body and just how tired you really are).  Then I slowly started getting better and within a month, voila… all good and never been sick like that again.  I’ve also never eaten only mars bars and cup-a-noodles again either.  In fact, I got on the eat-wholefoods-only wagon for quite some time in Sydney…

It was all good until I moved to London.  OMG the food was so gross and expensive!!  And then…. I got used to the prices and started finding good food, you can actually get EXCELLENT food here made from locally sourced produce…. and I discovered…. tonnes of yummy stuff.

So, I had to give up all my dietary restrictions to try all the yummy stuff all over Europe, so much variety!! How could I not try it???

But you know what comes with it??

Yup! That’s right.. lethargy, head aches, muscle aches, rashes, tummy upsets, bloating, getting sick and getting fat….   Everyone bags me out for it, tells me I’m just “too sensitive” but I do believe my body speaks to me and gets upset when I don’t listen, and boy do I pay for it when I don’t listen, with pain!

Seeing this clip, didn’t surprise me… my body’s been telling me this for quite some time… but what seeing this clip did do, was allow my body to say “I told you so”.

It’s pretty freaky that you can swallow a camera the size of a capsule these days but that’s beside the point… here’s the video.

Yes body, you were right… those noodles were not good for you.  What does it mean for me and my eating habits from now on?

I reckon I’ll still eat some processed foods (Pizza Shapes and BBQ Shapes, Tim Tams and the occasional ramen noodle) but only once in a while and for the most part, I think I’ll stick with wholefoods..

Now… to look for some handmade noodle recipes…   🙂


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