The Laws of the Universe – Gestation (sowing seeds)

OK so for 2 weeks now I’ve written about things other than the Laws of the Universe and you probably thought I’d never go back to writing about them right?  If not, “Laws of what…???  Really?  You talked about that?” Or perhaps you wondered what was taking so long?

Patience my friends!! All good things come to those who wait 🙂

For now, let’s plant a seed…

When I was growing up… I had to look things up in the Encyclopedia Britannica and borrow research books from the library!  I even had a very treasured photocopy card!!

We got a microwave when they first came out, (I was probably 12!) and didn’t know if we were allowed to be in the kitchen while it was nuking our food.  In fact, my brother and I broke it within a few days by putting a mug in it (with spoon) we were warming up our milo… You should’ve seen the sparks flying out of it!!

In this day and age… shock horror! You put something metal into a microwave??!! EVERYBODY knows you’re not supposed to do THAT!  Encyclopedia Britannica?  WTF?  If you don’t know something, just Google it!

Oh how things change over time… and only in 15-20 years at that!  In saying that, when do you think Bill Gates thought about putting a computer on everyone’s desk compared to when it actually happened?

The Law of Gestation states that everything takes TIME to manifest.

That’s pretty straight forward right?  Plant a seed and it doesn’t sprout straight away, in fact in the case of a bamboo plant it’ll take a few years before you even see a sprout!

So for life, that’s pretty self explanatory too.  Think of something you want (plant the seed), put energy into it (gardening and fertilising) and then over time, voila… it manifests into your life (tree bearing fruit).

So here are my questions… if all things take time to manifest WHO or WHAT decides HOW MUCH time it takes?  Can you change the time it takes for something to manifest?

OK, so in nature, the DNA/RNA will dictate the makeup of the seed/egg and what requirements it has before it will grow, including the time spent in particular conditions.  If the temperature were to get warmer in December instead of May, then the plant would flower in December instead of May.  And so, humans do use science and technology to play with nature in that way to make some plants grow fruit all year round.

But what about things not controlled by nature like sending a letter?  Before, to send a letter to someone across the seas would take weeks and months…  but now it’s instant!

So, technology has reduced the time it takes for many thoughts to turn to print and exist on the other side of the world. Technology has also reduced the time and need for travel as people can now communicate face to face from different sides of the world.  Machines have reduced the time it takes to manufacture products and build buildings.   So it seems that technology definitely has a big influence but there’s more to it than that.

What about things that don’t depend on technology or DNA like being in a meaningful relationship or being really rich?  People struggle with these ones a lot and the expressions “all good things come to those who wait”, “it’ll happen when the time is right” are often used to comfort those still on the path to manifesting these in their lives.

How much more energy do I have to put in?  How long do I have to keep tending to the garden?  How much more watering, fertilising and days of sunshine must happen?  When will it happen?  When?!!

And most of the time, the feeling of helplessness takes over.. “I’ve done everything.. EVERYTHING but let’s just face it… it’s never gonna happen, NEVER!!”

For all of you in that boat… have patience…

It won’t happen over night but it will happen…

I’ll explain more in the next post 🙂


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