The Laws of the Universe – Gestation (reaping rewards)

The Pantene ad said it best “It won’t happen over night but it WILL happen!”

And since you waited a WHOLE WEEK (gee, you were patient…)  I’ve only got to tell you what I’ve learned from my WHOLE LIFE and I made you wait a WHOLE WEEK!!! Oh! How could I??!

Well, since you did wait a whole week, here it is…

From all my experience in life (which is greater than 30 years and less than 40… so I’ve got a lot more to learn!)… here’s what I believe the answers are to those questions:

How much more energy do I have to put in?   Whatever it takes.

How long do I have to keep tending to the garden?  Always.

How much more watering, fertilising and days of sunshine must happen?  Every day for as long as you live.

When will it happen?  When?!!   When you are ready.

Alright alright…. you probably feel that those answers are just way too vague and anybody could have come up with them.

But the truth is, nothing happens until you are ready for it.  And anything worth keeping must have due care and attention paid to it all the time.  How much energy does that take?!  EXACTLY…

Depending on what it is, it may take a little or it may take a lot… but you’ve just got to put in whatever it takes.

If you put too much water, the plant dies, if you put too little, the plant dies.  You have to put the right amount, whatever it takes to make the plant grow.

Now, when you think about health, money and relationships, they all operate the same way… you must do whatever it takes (as per definition above) ALWAYS.  If you do not watch your spending, research your investments and pay attention regularly, you will lose your money.  If you do not do regular exercise, you will lose your health and fitness and if you do not spend time getting to know your partner showing affection and attention (if that’s what they want), they will leave you.

So, as you can see, how could you ever stop?  You must continue to do this all the days of your life.  There is a reward for keeping continuous energy flowing towards your health, wealth and relationships – it means you will continuously have all those things in your life, all the days of your life 🙂

If you’re thinking.. oh  yeah, ok, I get that.  Maintaining stuff is EASY but how do I get it in the first place?

Here’s a hint, have you ever read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill?

THINKing something is like planting the seed.  Then, you put a lot of energy into it and eventually it will grow into a tree which bears you fruits.

For health, you think of being fit and healthy.  The energy you put in will be starting to exercise.  At first it hurts a lot but eventually, you get used to it and then it becomes enjoyable.  Before you know it, you’ll actually be fit and healthy again.

For wealth, you think of being wealthy and put energy into it, you start saving, you pay off your debts.  At first it hurts because you may not be spending lavishly as you used to but then you start investing, it becomes enjoyable and before you know it, you’ve accumulated more money than you ever had before.

For relationships, you think of having a beautiful relationship, then you start dating and getting to know people.  At first it hurts, rejections and breakups are never enjoyable but then someone comes along who makes it easy to make the relationship blossom and before you know it, you’re in a very healthy, wealthy and loving relationship.

How do you get to the “before you know it…” part?  Well, you must be aligned mentally, physically and emotionally.  By mentally I mean, you must be thinking of the outcome you want, emotionally you must desire the outcome you want and KNOW in your gut that you will have it (ie be ready to receive it) and physically, you must be doing the things that will get you the outcome you’re thinking of.

Will what I have told you work? You’ll just have to give it a go and see  🙂

Just remember… it won’t happen overnight but it WILL happen!


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