It’s called junk food because that’s what it’s made of!

We’ve been watching a lot of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.. well not a lot, we actually watched ALL episodes of both seasons, just one after the other.

I wasn’t going to harp on about it but this is absolutely ridiculous!

Dammit people!! Health is VERY important to EVERY human being… You cannot be your best if you don’t have your health!!

And yet people stuff themselves silly, every day with crap!! It’s meant to be crap on the way out NOT on the way in!!

I saw Jamie Oliver on TED a couple of years back – he just spoke all the things I was already feeling and thinking  and good on him for using his platform to raise awareness – here’s the clip, it’s really inspiring because he speaks truth and he speaks from the heart.

I totally agree with him and was shocked that children had no idea what a POTATO or a TOMATO was… WTF???!  What are they teaching at school? Even worse, why are they not learning this at home??? Lucky for those kids, their teacher immediately rectified that gap in their knowledge but how many children exist in a first world country that don’t know what a potato is?

I saw the Pink Slime episode  on the Food Revolution over the weekend and it got me really riled up!

and THEN I see this article which was written 2 years AFTER Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution got aired…

What the hell?????  I don’t know if this is something that happens outside of America but I tell you what, I’m never buying minced meat again…. I will buy meat and mince it myself at home if I have to!!

Most people will think.. for me it’s fine.. but my children?  No, it’s not good enough for them…. Others will probably say, hey, I survived it so I’m sure my kids’ll be fine..

We’re not here to SURVIVE.. we’re here to THRIVE!!!  How can you thrive when you’re being killed slowly every day??  On a computer game, that’s like losing hearts or power just by standing there.

I don’t have any children but when I do have them.. they are NOT going into any school that provides anti-nutrition or POISON for food!  HOW DARE anybody inflict a slow and painful death onto my child who has only just started LIFE!!!  Argh!!!  And for what?? I bet the people making decisions to put this meat into school lunches are making packed lunches from fresh food at home for their own kids!

If you’re a parent PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start becoming aware of what you’re feeding your child in MIND as well as in BODY.  And once you’ve mastered the food (which won’t take long, the internet’s a beautiful thing) you can then start looking at what you’re putting on your family’s skin (skincare etc)!

It’s difficult in this world with bio-engineered food and chemicals galore to be able to find exactly what is good for you and your family AND Darwin’s survival of the fittest won’t work if our bodies don’t learn to adapt to the millions of toxins and microbes and whatever else that we live with…

But why inflict unnecessary pain on yourself by eating toxic chemicals only to consume further chemicals in the form of pills to ease the pain caused by the initial chemicals?  If you didn’t consume the first lot of chemicals, you won’t need the second lot…

My next question is why inflict this pain onto the next generation?  We know the consequences, we are living them!!!

God bless scientific advancement and our ability to live longer.

I only wish that people will learn that they do have a choice on what they eat by becoming aware of what they’re eating!!  And for people to learn just how important it is to look after their bodies (and teach their children to do the same) so that their longer lives will actually be lived healthily and happily, not in a wheelchair popping pills.

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