Beef Ho Fun

Firstly, we want to tell you about our new find… it’s in China Town and you have to walk into some dodgy looking “alleyway” to get there.

How dodgy?  Well we walked past a whole lot of industrial bins full of rubbish as the entrance to this place exists at the back of all the different restaurants.  I thank God that we went there when there was light and that I was wearing my wellingtons because it was raining that day and the puddles were deep and dirty.

Nothing like walking into a dark alley full of strangers, bins and rubbish-filled puddles.  I have to say, it was worth braving the dodginess!

So many people were there, there was a queue behind us as we were leaving!  I’m not surprised because you can buy really fresh Ho Fun noodles (600g) at a legend… wait for it… dary £1.00!!

We also bought 6 x cha siu baos (bbq pork buns) to steam at home for £2.00 and they were delicious!  We couldn’t resist and ate 4 of them  on the day.  Froze the last 2 and ate them a couple of days later.  Here’s a tip… they’re better off eaten fresh!! They taste good when steamed after freezing but they taste way more delicious fresh.

We also bought a really large container of Daikon Radish Cake for £3.50

All these things will only last 3-4 days so unless you can eat it all in that time, we suggest multiple visits (or freezing the buns and knowing they just won’t taste as good).

Here are the pics of our cooked treats 🙂

In order they are, steamed bbq pork buns, daikon radish cake and beef ho fun.

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We made Beef Ho Fun for the first time, it turned out OK, a bit tasteless to me so we’ll try a different recipe next time.  We may need to marinate the meat first.

The noodles had a really nice consistency and moistness but the beef and sauce didn’t offer much excitement to the taste buds.  Basically we got some fillet steak (at a ridiculous £5.17 for 199g) stir fried it in a hot wok with spring onions, bean sprouts, soy sauce and sesame oil.  We were so excited that it would be so simple but the result was pretty simple too 😛

Maybe we just didn’t have the hot wok skills required to pull off an amazing meal… Whatever the case, it was a waste of a perfectly good fillet steak! Next time we’re getting cheaper meat and using a mallet, bicarb and seasoning on it!

And we’re just going to have to brave the bins and revisit Lo’s Noodle Factory again for our next attempt at Beef Ho Fun (aka Beef Chow Fun / Dry-Fried Beef Noodles)!  Well, we needed another excuse to visit again anyway – they’ve got custard buns and chicken buns which we want to try as well!

For those in London, here’s the address:  6 Dancey Place, Soho

Enjoy and let us know what you think!  Also, if you have any really good Beef Ho Fun recipes, let us know!

See you again soon!

Joy & Tones


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