Chicken Livers with Pasta

Of all the livers on this planet I have to say that chicken livers are my favourite…. hmmm maybe goose and duck livers too (foie gras)!

Chicken livers were the only livers we ate as kids, usually just fried with onions and soy sauce.  Simple but yummy!

I tried a lambs liver when I was about 20… OMG it was so gross, way strong in taste and it was quite hard and chewy!

Tones thinks he used to eat pig’s liver which he describes as rubbery and floury.. apparently it tasted “OK” (because if it didn’t taste OK he’d get a big whack across the back of the head).  Hmmm…. I believe our children are in for a treat!  I can just see them now weighing it up… “Liver…? or hit on the back of the head…? Liver….?”  *WHACK*

“Stop day dreaming and eat your food!”  😛

I tend to avoid all livers now unless it’s foie gras or chicken livers… yes yes I know the controversial foie gras… but you have to admit it’s bloody tasty!

Why do I mention chicken livers?  Because it had been AGES since we had them (maybe a year?) until today!  We had chicken livers for dinner!

Tony did Bikram Yoga this morning while I got up early to make breakfast, cook and pack our lunches (left over beef ho fun + rice and omelette).  It’s not often I have to go to work before he does… but today was an exception.  I then came home before he did (7.30pm vs his 8pm) and had to cook a quick meal and this is what I made…

It doesn’t look too good BUT it was tasty 🙂

It’s actually quite easy to make and if you like chicken livers, you’ll enjoy this dish.

Lucky for me, we’re both Asian and got taught to eat EVERYTHING even if it didn’t look (or taste) so good!


If you’re picky, then here are a couple of tips:

1)  I just never know when chicken liver is cooked and this time, I under cooked them (they were still bloody inside).. SO I had to reheat and cook them AFTER I’d already put in the egg….

Just like you’re not supposed to cook the egg to scrambled when you make carbonara.. it’s the same in this dish… so make sure your chicken livers are cooked properly BEFORE you add the egg!  Otherwise it will look all crumbly like mine.

2)  Use fettuccine or tagliatelle (spaghetti was too thin) – also ours looked a bit broken because we used the free-from (wheat free, gluten free, dairy free) version which always cooks differently and tends to be a little more crumbly than the normal durum wheat spaghetti.

3)  We like stirring the pasta into the sauce before serving but you can serve it on top of pasta.


Anyway, here’s how you do it….

While the pasta is cooking, saute onions on low heat, add chopped chicken livers and cook, then add cream.  Just before serving, quickly stir in beaten eggs, season with salt and pepper, serve on top of pasta with grated parmesan cheese.  Easy Peasy!

If you do decide to try it… Enjoy!

Until next time,

Joy & Tones


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