Krav Maga + Pork Chops with Plum Sauce

Before I get to the Pork Chops I have to give you some news…

I just booked Tones and I into our very first Krav Maga lesson (next week).  I am TERRIFIED… I had heart palpitations and butterflies in my stomach just hitting the send button on my email to book it in.   We bought this 10 class pass in January and I’ve procrastinated for 3 months and waited until it’s almost expired (I hope I wasn’t too late) before booking it in!

Why?  I tell you why… I hate getting hit and I’m scared of knives (that aren’t being used for food)… Big men with huge muscles scare me… I imagine they can snap me in half with one flex of their bicep.

I do YOGA!!! YO…GA….You know…. ahhh the serenity… be one with yourself and the world… meditate and love oneself?  OHMMMM!

And now I’ve just booked into a class that will teach me how to beat the crap out of every living thing I come across (should they provoke me) as well as probably receiving some of those hits myself… urgh.

The truth is, I’m not quite sure what to expect, I don’t know what I’m going to learn and I’m such a chicken when it comes to getting hit.

Don’t get me wrong.. when I was mugged last year (coincidentally almost a whole year ago), I took a punch to the jaw and remained standing and screaming my head off.. and struggling to keep my bag.  I think I did alright against 2 taller, younger, males, though they won in the end.  I have to say that’s one huge reason for me to go do Krav Maga ’cause I would love to be able to give that punk-ass a punch back as hard as I took and take them both down to make sure they couldn’t get away before the police arrived.

Maybe the butterflies and the heart palpitations were just my unconscious mind trying to keep me away from such things – at the end of the day I would avoid any place where I know I’d definitely be getting hit and there’s the irony…. it’s always going to be a surprise attack on the street but walking knowingly into a place where you are going to get hit, in a controlled environment with controlled scenarios is a LOT safer and really should be much less scary!  WELL… more of that on another blog I’m sure.

I promise not to mix it with food next time.  Although, “Krav Maga and Pork Chops” does make for an interesting title 😉

So now, back to the Pork Chops, here they are, this is what we had for dinner today 🙂 

Pork Chops with Plum Sauce

So I cut these into strips and marinated them in the afternoon and then headed to a Bikram Yoga class, came back and cooked them.  YUM – nothing like tucking into this after 2.5 hours of exercise (1.5 hrs in yoga and 30mins walk each way in Shape Ups, in the rain)!

These babies were marinated in sherry, soy sauce, hoi sin sauce, sesame oil, sugar and salt, then drained and cooked in a hot wok (about 10mins).  The marinade left over was mixed with plum sauce, dried chillies and water, boiled and then poured on top of the pork.  They simmered together for about 15mins.

Also cooked steamed rice and stir-fried veggies.

Tonight’s Dinner

The verdict?  I’ll quote Tones on this one… “It was bloody delicious!” (Say that in a strong Aussie accent like the shark, Bruce, in “Finding Nemo”.)

Nothing like steamed rice to heat up ones tummy and calm down one’s nerves 🙂  Krav Maga, here we come!


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