I Ken Lee without my computer!! So I made Coffee Cake

Argh!  I thought I wouldn’t have ANYTHING to blog about today because tonight’s dinner was Daikon Radish Cake (the one we bought and needed to finish because it doesn’t keep more than 4 days and it’s like the 5th day now) and stir fried vegetables. BORING….  But here’s a picture of it anyway 😉

But in my case, as always, ask and you SHALL receive!  I really need to work on what I ask for!!  A story to share is one thing but “OH THE DRAMA” is another…

OK, so last night while I was trying to post my blog about the Pork with Plum Sauce, my computer crashed (randomly, no blue screen, just went completely black, like I’d turned it off).

I should’ve taken the hint (but I didn’t) and backed up all my files (but I didn’t) and today, I got the blue screen of death… and now, after NUMEROUS (over 15) times of trying to turn it on, it won’t 😦

So now I’m singing this song… and crying…

I spent 2 hours trying to get it to work but to no avail so, I’ve now borrowed Tony’s work computer and in the interim between my computer going down and me getting on this one, I baked a Coffee Cake!

It’s made of everything that’s bad for me…

1) sugar – I’m sugar intolerant (my body can’t process “processed sugars”… HA!  I fall asleep when I eat it because my body needs to shut me down completely in order to process it).

2) coffee – I’m very sensitive to caffeine, I stay up on the smallest doses AND if I have too much I start shaking, seriously – I lose control of my motor functions it’s like I’ve got Parkinson’s Disease or something (just the shaking part).

3) wheat – in the flour – it makes me bloat.

4) butter – there’s TONNES of it in there, I really don’t think that can be good for anybody to eat that much fat.

So… I guess after losing all the work I’d been doing for the last week (if I can’t get this computer working, I’ve lost a LOT of work and I’ll have to use the weekend to redo it all), there’s nothing left but for me to wallow in my sorrow with a coffee cake.

Maybe the coffee will keep me up when the sugar’s trying to make me sleep – I’ll be a trembling, fat and bloated mess BUT the consolation is that my taste buds will LOVE me for it.  Eh, worse comes to worse, Tones can eat it all – he loves sweet things, and better still, he’s not super sensitive like me! AND he could do with gaining some weight 😛

SO… here’s the deal, the recipe I used was this one…


and the icing used was this one

It was referred to us by a work colleague of his who loves baking.

I actually don’t like baking, I think it makes too much mess and requires way too much washing up!  However, I’m trying to use up all the wheat and sugar from the cupboards.  There’s no point having them there if I have a hard time digesting them!

So we tried making it once with the original icing recipe and used almonds instead of walnuts (because we didn’t have any at the time of baking)…

and the one I cooked today had walnuts and I used the cream cheese icing instead.

Between the two, I liked this cake better than the last one – the walnuts make it better with texture and taste.  The last one was toffee tasting with the icing but this time, the icing was too runny (we ran out of icing sugar) and REALLY sweet! Right up Tony’s alley – he loved it!

Well, this bumbling mess of a cake is going to console me while Tony tries to fix my computer and extract the files…

Alternatively, I could always go for the French Toast with maple syrup like what we  had this morning for breakfast 🙂  Much better for me… no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, no gluten (we used free-from bread).  Awesome! Here’s a picture of it – YUM!

Until next time… I KEN LEE any more!!! “Oh the DRAMA”!

See you again soon!


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