Crisis Evaded, I LOVE My Geek and Sang Choy Bow

Guess what?  I’m fully operational on my computer again!

That’s right – my geek Tony fixed it (YAY!) AND all the work done was not lost.  Thank God for me, he knows how to remove the hard drive and access it with another computer.  I love My Geek.

SO – what was it that caused the computer to “die”?  It was a virus, a really bad one, changed the date on the computer to the year 13500 or something so then nothing would work because the date was confusing it on start up.

I was afraid I’d have to blog about the loss of our beloved laptop – it’s Tony’s baby passed onto me and we’ve been looking after it for AGES, turns out, it’s turning 10 years old this year!  It’s such a good laptop – the keys are comfortable, it works quickly and efficiently and I never complain when I’m working on it.  It’s been with him longer than I have 🙂

So what happened today?  Not much really!  We got up and had brunch (I’ll show you pictures of this tomorrow!), Tones had his weekly chat with his folks over Skype, we did some groceries and went to an evening yoga session, followed by a “healthier” and WAY yummier dinner than yesterday’s.  Overall, a really nice lazy Sunday.

Want to see what was for dinner?  Well, the title will says it all… it was Sang Choy Bow.  After yesterday’s bout of oil which we continued to process through the night and today, we didn’t really feel like eating any more spring rolls or anything fried for that matter.

SO we decided to turn the spring roll filling left over from last night into Sang Choy Bow instead.

We added some sesame oil, more soy sauce and also some Chinese dried mushrooms and pepper to the mix and left it to marinate throughout the day.  Then cooked it in a hot wok and wrapped it in lettuce leaves.

The result… OMG it was delicious!  We ate so much!  Granted it was right after 2.5 hours exercise and we were both starving (apparently you burn anywhere between 600-1000 calories in that hot room) but even I inhaled the food today!

We highly recommend you make Sang Choy Bow this way – you’ll LOVE it!  So the recipe is in my Spring Roll blog and you add Chinese dried mushrooms, more soy sauce, sesame oil and pepper.  Sorry there aren’t any measurements, you’re just going to have to listen to your gut with this one and it’ll thank you for it 😉

Not a long one today 🙂  We’re having a lazy Sunday remember?  Think we’ll go watch a movie now… Tony has picked “True Grit” 🙂

Actually, he gave me a choice of 4 movies, 3 of which were documentaries!  That’s one way to get someone to think they had choice 😉

See you again soon!

Joy & Tones



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