Spring Rolls, a Deep Fryer and Sugalumps

I’ve got an oil coma… can you get one of those?  We’ve eaten too much oil… blech! C’est horrible! And now everything’s going in slow motion in my mind including the song that’s been stuck in my head going around and around for the last WEEK!

Yup… every morning I wake up, my mind starts singing this…. it’s alright, it makes me laugh but it plays so often in my head until I sing it out loud, that it’s getting kinda disturbing.  What song do you ask?  This one…

HA!  Now that you’ve watched it, it can stay in your head instead of mine… “all the ladies they want, a taste of my sugalumps, sweet sugalumps yeah!”

It’s kind of ironic really, me, the sugar intolerant person constantly singing that song, speaking of which, I was VERY good to myself today and ate ZERO cake (maybe a few crumbs) and Tony… well, there’s only half a cake left – he did a great job eating it!

I woke up with a huge back ache and a cough today, definitely a sign of eating too much sugar so I promised myself not to eat any more sugar otherwise I’d feel it in yoga and it paid off, I went through the whole class OK! Yay!  It was super humid in there this afternoon but the sweat kept me cool  AND no more cough!

So a few things happened today.  First of all, my sister had her 21st birthday party in Australia and I was here in London and had to Skype (which was way crap, the video froze and I couldn’t hear them properly AT ALL) and in the end just spoke to her on the phone – at least I could be there even if it was only for a few minutes.  I also got to Skype with my brother and at least got to see the family all well and happy.

And the other big news for the day is that Tones bought a DEEP FRYER!  Can you believe it?  Two yogis, loving the sweat and the exercise bought a deep fryer!  It’s the first one we’ve ever had and we used it straight away by making spring rolls!!!  In all honesty, I feel blech!  Tony kept eating the spring rolls like they were going out of fashion, for every two I ate, he had six.  I had to ask him to slow down ’cause I wasn’t getting my fair share!  It’s not my fault my mouth is smaller and I chew rather than inhale my food!

The truth?  My two to his six was enough.  Smelling the oil in the vat actually made me feel sick… the house just smells like oil, I don’t even know if the heaviness in my head is because of all the oil in my stomach from eating the spring rolls or from breathing in the fumes.  Man, I can’t wait to see what I sweat out in yoga tomorrow… gross!

Anyway.. here it is… his new pride and joy – a 3L deep fryer complete with timer and temperature gauge:

OK so the spring rolls…. EVERYONE’s got a different recipe for these suckers don’t they?  I remember the ones I grew up with had carrots in them.  The ones Tony’s mum made had Chinese dried mushrooms in them and I remember having some that had rice vermicelli and I loved these ones I used to buy at Edgecliffe Station which had purely vegetables in them and a lot of pepper.

The ones we had today had the following:

550g minced pork, 32 King Prawns (supposed to be 500g prawns but I think we put in more than that), 1 yellow pepper, 8 shallots, 125g mushrooms (white), ginger, water chestnuts, 1/2 Chinese cabbage, sherry, soy sauce, sugar, salt.  It’s supposed to make 25 spring rolls but we made 25, ate 25 and still have half the filling left over!!  I think they must’ve estimated it to make those giant spring rolls!!

Here they are in the deep fryer…

We had to experiment since this was the very first time either of us had used a deep fryer.  The first lot I think we put them in at 130’C for 10 mins.. they absorbed oil and cooked pale so we had to cook them for a little longer for colour.. they turned out WAY oily.  The next lot we put in at 150’C for 8 mins and they came out better and not as oily.  The last lot we put in for 150’C for 10 mins, too oily.

Here’s a question – do you wrap the spring rolls with filling raw? OR do you cook the filling first and then wrap the spring rolls and fry them?  We always wrapped them raw at home but the recipe we followed said you had to cook the filling first (we didn’t follow the recipe and wrapped them raw).

The verdict?  I don’t know why Tony doesn’t gain any weight….. he LOVED them and gobbled them up!  They were quite tasty, I just couldn’t get over the oil…. how do you get the oil out???  We left them to drain for a while AND we put them on absorbent towels (3) and STILL they were super oily.

We think that putting Chinese dried mushrooms would make them tastier so we’re going to add that to the mix tomorrow.

WELL…. until next time…

“My sugalumps are two of a kind, sweet and white and highly refined, honeys try all kind of tomfoolery, to steal a feel of my family jewellery.  My candy balls cause a kerfuffle.  The ladies, they hustle to ruffle my truffle.  If you party with the party prince, you get two complimentary after dinner mints…”   We ❤ Flight of the Conchords!


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