Your body is important, what are you putting into it?

My excitement for food has left me today and so I rant…

Having gone through a major health crisis when I was younger (mentioned in one of my earlier blogs) I was lucky to have found out a LOT earlier in life that I had a choice and the choice was to actually change my behaviour and eating habits OR live a pain-filled life of physical suffering.

Believe it or not, I didn’t think I was physically suffering back then.  I thought that waking up with back aches every day, stiffness and cracking in my joints were normal.  I thought EVERYBODY felt the same way and didn’t complain about it (just like me) and that it was all just a sign of getting old (I was 18).

I was also very sickly, I’d always get a cold, bronchitis or some other form of side effect from taking so many antibiotics and then I’d have to take some different prescription medications to combat the side effects I’d gotten from the first lot of medications.  I thought, the illnesses were just stress related and the fact that I went out all the time instead of sleeping (turns out, that was just a part of it).

I wasn’t eating healthily but that didn’t stop me because it didn’t even click that the lethargy and the illnesses were actually related to the food I was eating and the pills I was taking.

It just didn’t occur to me that lack of nutrients in my food meant I couldn’t heal from my illnesses and that the pills I was taking weren’t just designed to kill the bugs that had invaded my body, they were designed to kill everything (even what good stuff I had left).  It says it in the name…  biotic means life (or living organisms) and anti means opposed to.  Antibiotics are against life and are indiscriminate.

One of the Laws of the Universe is that you reap what you sow – so what seeds are you planting now in terms of your health?

When you’re young, your body is mobile, efficient, flexible and EXTREMELY good at recovering from breaks, cuts, bruises AND…. toxins that you put into it so you don’t notice straight away the effects of the toxins but what does that mean for when you’re older?

When you’re 16-21 (sometimes younger) you FEEL and THINK that you’re invincible!! You’re at the peak of your game… you’re a friggin’ Legend!  I mean how many of us have said this at least 100 times in our youth… “Watch me eat 10 meat pies in 10 minutes?? PHOAR!!! Hell Yeah!! AND LOOK!! I still have a 6 pack… awesome!!!”

Or, what about “Yeah… I could drink you under the table and come back tomorrow and do it all over again!”  or…. “pfft.. sunscreen is for pussies!!”

I’m sure we’ve all done it and when we get older what happens?  Diabetes, big round belly, bingo wings, sun spots, wrinkles, aches, pains, strokes, heart attacks, cancer and wistful memories of our glory days.

I have heard so many people say (including yours truly), “Yeah, I know I’ll feel it when I’m older”… but because I didn’t feel it then, I kept doing it anyway…   Don’t make the same mistake!! Watch what you eat and how it affects you right now.  And if you have already made those mistakes, it’s time to make a change, it’s never too late to change.  What you sow now, you will reap later!

It’s pretty simple, pour really crap quality petrol into your car for any length of time and you’ll be guaranteed it’ll be spluttering, and gurgling with the scum that’s been pushing around the engine and then.. it’ll cark it.  If you’d used the good stuff, that engine would still be rocking and rolling for YEARS to come.  If you’d used good stuff and then put in crap petrol one day.. you will immediately hear and feel the difference in performance of your car and it’s EXACTLY THE SAME with our bodies!

Our bodies ARE MACHINES, beautiful, efficient, self-preserving, mobile machines and the only ones we have at that.  Break it… and you won’t get another one, and the older you get, the more toxins it receives, the harder it is to recover so why not look after your body from beginning to end?

It’s your life! You only have one, why not live it feeling great??

Why did I post this today instead of food or yoga?  Because we missed yoga.. don’t feel that great and I just had to get it off my chest.  It’s my rant for the day – thanks for listening 🙂


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