Krav Maga: Our first lesson

We went to our very first Krav Maga lesson today and now we’re all pumped up and practising our newly learnt skills.  It was fun!

My brother who does martial arts told me that I’d have fun and that if there was anything to be scared of, it would be the warm up.  He was right!  Let’s just say that yoga helps with my flexibility but in no way does it help me do sit ups and push ups!!  Granted, I was able to do more than 5 of each whereas normally I’d probably be able to do 1 or 2 but he asked us to do these things for between 30 seconds and 1 min (depending on what the exercise was) and it felt like forever.  5 push ups only got me through the first 10 seconds so I’m going to have to work on this a lot if I want to survive future classes!!

So now for the interesting part – what did we learn?

WELL, I am totally impressed.  In 2 hours we learned how to block punches, get out of a bear hug from behind and a technique to deal with someone trying to tackle you from the front.  We also learned how to break arms, knees and how to kick people in the ding ding!

You might say… when is anybody ever going to do any of that to a girl 5 feet high?  Unfortunately, London youth have stooped to this low and I have experienced it first hand so, I know they definitely would just for fun… and to those that would… they definitely do need a few kicks in the nuts so I’m going to practice those when I get the chance!  Tony might just have to go and get a “Hector Protector” (Tony’s slang for Groin Guard).

For anyone that’s scared to go like I was, there’s nothing to be scared of at all.  It’s fun and you do learn very valuable techniques which if practised enough times will become automatic and life saving.

The only thing I’d have to warn you about is that the lesson is for 2 hours!! We didn’t finish until 9.30pm and didn’t get home until 11pm… we have just started cooking dinner!  This is a midnight meal, not a midnight snack.  We both did our 2.5 hrs yoga + walk today too which we are extremely grateful for because it allowed us to have the energy to do the 2 hour session of Krav Maga tonight.

I don’t know if the teacher was joking or not (I don’t think he was) but he told us we’d learn how to eye gouge next week (that’s for us little people because our punches would be less effective).  Awesome… I’ve released the monster!  Watch out any attacker, my fingers are coming for your eye balls!

Alright, that’s enough from this excited little monster.  Time to eat our midnight meal now and go to bed!!


See you again soon!

Joy & Tones


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