We have Gruntled Customers?

It’s a random one I know…  BUT we’ve started to sell things on eBay outside of the things we have in our home (you know old clothes, used books, CD’s and DVD’s) and we started selling toys 🙂

But that’s another story.

What made me write that title was because we’ve focused a lot on great customer service and so far so good!  This focus also led me to think of the possibility of having “disgruntled customers” and then my mind wandered…

NOW, we all know that word “disgruntled” and usually, when there is a “dis” at the front of the word, it means the opposite of that word eg. disassociate, disrespect, discontent, dissatisfied, displeased, disorganised – you get the drift.

SO I thought.. if disgruntled means unhappy then surely gruntled would mean happy and content? What a strange word, gruntled, makes people sound like pigs or boars, maybe piglets?  How would you use it in a sentence?

“We have gruntled customers.”

“We have a gruntling customer.”

“Our customer gruntled…. happily??”

None of it sounds right… so I looked it up and low and behold.. the word disgruntled is an “Orphaned Negative”!!!

The English language is full of oddities and exceptions to rules and this one defies not just the rules of the English language, it defies the laws of the universe!!

It turns out that an Orphaned Negative doesn’t have a positive!! It’s a word that exists on its own without a partner, without its counterpart… How could that be?  It’s unloved… poor word, bless it’s little cotton socks, it must be lonely…

NO WONDER it’s Disgruntled!!! I would be too if my positive was taken away from me!!

Other than empathy, there’s not much I can do for the word unless I start a wave of people making popular use of the word gruntled… maybe instead of “chuckles” I’ll just write “gruntles”.

I don’t know why but it just makes me think of a fat kid snorting… LOL *gruntles*

Well, there’s no other point to this blog other than to share this discovery with you!

Now it’s time for my mind to wander back to focusing on making sure we have gruntled customers, gruntling our praises!

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