“Man Pleasing Chicken” pleases my man!

AGES ago, well it feels like it but maybe it was only a few months ago 😉  Tones and I joined Pinterest and boy oh boy it’s fun… my first experience of being on there got me stuck for over 3 hours!!!

Anyway, I’ve learned to limit my visits now to either once a week or maybe even once every fortnight (if I get on there every day, I would waste so much time!!).  But get this…  some smart people in the Netherlands have now created WP Pinner (it’s currently in beta) so you can monitor and schedule all your Pinterest activity via WordPress!  You can go sign up for an account here.

Here’s their video to find out more…

Now, why did I mention Pinterest and WP Pinner?  Because Tones told me about both of those and Pinterest is where I saw the picture (and recipe) for “Man Pleasing Chicken”.  You’d pin it too when you see this right?

I immediately salivated, pinned it but we didn’t actually cook it until the other day, well Tony did.  He LOVED it and now he’s been sharing the recipe with EVERYBODY he talks to!!  I’m not kidding.  He’s well pleased!  If you click the picture it will take you to the original recipe 🙂

and… here it is if you just want the link straight away… http://www.wittyinthecity.com/2011/08/man-pleasing-chicken/

The taste is somewhat familiar to me.. kind of tastes like the sauce you put on lechon!  Nevertheless, easy peasy and very tasty!  It was fantastic eating it after our Krav Maga session, albeit midnight – we prepared it before we left, cooked it after we got back 🙂  It’s a great dish to prepare when you don’t have much time!  And it tastes just as good reheated for next day left overs!

Here’s our picture, not as delicious looking as the Pinterest photo but posting it as proof that we did cook it!!

See you next time!


Have a great weekend!  😀

Tones & Joy

PS – speaking of left overs.. the lamb sambal from last night tasted really good today!!!  I guess it’s like Bolognese sauce… tastes better the next day!


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