A perfect day: F1, Yoga, Food

What a day what a day.  We woke up, started tidying the house, cooked a fig + nut cake and chicken cacciatore (one of our favourites) for a friend who came over for lunch and then went to the evening class of yoga.

One exciting thing is that I ate quite a bit of sugar today but made it through yoga OK – which says to me that my intolerance for sugar must be subsiding.  I won’t push my luck and will still remain eating as little sugar as possible but very excited that I can reintroduce sugar to my diet and not have such strong reactions ie falling asleep immediately any more!

Yoga was good today but not as mentionable as yesterday when I had The Terminator for a teacher.  Over a couple of lessons I’ve noticed this lady with super awesome muscles on her arms, back and yes, she has a six pack.  I thought “this lady’s a machine!”

Yesterday, I found out she was a teacher because she was teaching the class.  Then she started speaking and her accent was exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger and I ended up spending the entire class repeating the following two quotes in my head and giggling:

Hahahaha  You’ve got to love it… “bring your legs up azhar as you ken and leeft your ahhhms”…  “If you ah keeking awt on a bent knee STAAAP IT!”  LOL! “I’ll be back.”

Right now we’re watching F1 – I never used to be into this until I got to London.  Before my question was “Why would anyone want to watch a bunch of cars going around and around for 2 hours?  How boring!” but boy did my perception change once I started following it.   Now you get me jumping up and down and screaming at the TV – this year especially because of how crazy and unpredictable it’s been!  I can’t believe my favourite drivers aren’t even in the top 10!!!  I mean Webber?  Button? Senna?  What’s going on???!???  I can’t wait to see the race tomorrow.  Go Raikkonen!  Tony’s gone silly with the whole “Go Ferrari” thing but hey, it’s Spain and Alonso’s a favourite and it’s been a while since Ferrari’s been so close to Pole Position… so he’s gotten way excited!

So the food… Tony actually went and visited the noodle factory again!  He bought some more ho fun and this time got some custard buns and chicken buns + wonton wrappers so we will be making wontons tomorrow! Whoot!!!

Here are pics of the buns – they’re much better eaten HOT…  I’ll show you the chicken cacciatore and the fig+nut cake tomorrow eh?  It’s always better to have something to look forward to 😉

My clips of quotes has inspired Tones to watch Kindergarten Cop… It’s NOT A TOOMA!

See you tomorrow 🙂


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