Bikram Yoga: Our awesome poses + Fig & Nut Cake

Argh!  The computer’s gone skitzoid again, for an old timer, it’s probably got Alzheimers – it shut down randomly again last night and we couldn’t get it started until 1.30am 😦

Luckily we got it started ’cause the back ups needed to be done.  I think I’ll have to back up and save things multiple times a day now!  Sadly, we’ll be looking for its replacement soon and will have to wish it farewell 😦

Sorry we didn’t stay up to blog!  SO, it’s time to catch you up on the latest.  We watched Kindergarten Cop, F1 and spent some time speaking to Tony’s mum for mother’s day.  I sent mine an email ’cause I’m an awesome daughter… and I spoke with my sister on the phone for a couple of hours.  It’s nice being able to catch up with family, even if it is only once in a while!  The joys of living in another country – you get to miss your family! 😉

We also went to yoga and had an awesome class – I realised my Trikonasana was pretty good because I was able to hold it for AGES!  This is a Trikonasana (Triangle Pose).  The teacher asked us to hold it for as long as possible, I held mine until she said “change” but we were allowed to come out of it after 1 minute if we wanted.  Only 3 of us stayed in position until she said “change”, we might have been in there for 2-3 minutes only but… it was 2-3 times longer than everyone else 😉  Here’s what the pose looks like.

Bikram Yoga – Trikonasana

Tones’ awesome pose is Ustrasana – Camel Pose! I can’t do this… it hurts me, a lot… everywhere!!  And I always feel like screaming, crying or panicking when I come out of this pose.  Tones however, has a very flexible spine and can do this very easily and feels nothing!!

We were quite lazy about the food over the weekend – spending most of the time sitting on the couch watching TV made me realise just how sedentary we are except for the 1.5 hours we’re doing yoga… d’oh!  Blogging about the fact that we’ve been watching TV emphasises it even more so I think it’s time for us to STAAAP IT!

So, in lieu of the TV – let me share with you some things we ate… because that’s what brings people together right?  Seeing food, talking about food, eating food, talking about food while eating food..  well, at least we can get to show the parents that we’re “looking after ourselves” 😉

OK first up…  the custard bun.  I took a picture of both the chicken bun and the custard bun on Saturday and posted it.  Well, we ate them again for dinner on Sunday but I’d only posted a picture of the outside of the custard bun so here it is with the inside – it tasted like egg yolk and sugar.   I could taste the egg yolk and I could taste the sugar.  When you look at it, it just looks like egg yolk!  Is there anything else in it?

I much prefer the egg custard tarts or those custard buns you can buy at Maxim’s in Sydney.   These ones were OK… I just found it strange that I could distinctly taste egg yolk and sugar as if I was eating them separately.

Next the cake… we made Fig & Nut Cake on the weekend for our friend who came over for lunch.  We figured it would be a lot “healthier” than cooking another coffee cake with cream cheese icing!


We got the recipe from an Italian Cook Book which Tones pilfered from his last flat share – everyone moved out so the place could get renovated and nobody was interested in the cook book so, he took it and it’s been an absolute blessing!  We haven’t cooked anything from it that we we don’t like!  It’s brilliant!

Here’s a picture…

Yes it looks like it’s a brick and yes, it’s about as heavy as a brick and it was quite crunchy on the outside and solid (though soft) on the inside.  Our friend suggested next time to use the same recipe to make biscotti – it’s got about the same consistency as biscotti so it was an excellent idea!  Next time….

It tasted quite good, fruity, chocolatey and substantial so we’re eating the left overs for breakfast now!

The best part is that it was really easy to make!!  You pretty much just mix (fold) the ingredients together in a bowl, put it into a greased loaf tin and bake at about 180’C for an hour.  Wait for it to cool a bit in the tin, then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely before slicing.

Here are the ingredients:

125g roasted hazelnuts (chopped)

90g almonds (slivered)

125g dried figs (chopped)

90g dark chocolate (finely chopped)

125g mixed peel

3 eggs + 1/2 cup sugar whisked together to white and fluffy

1/4 cups self-raising flour (sifted)

If you do use this recipe to make biscotti before we get a chance to – please tell us how it comes out!!


See you again soon!  (Hopefully the computer will hold up)

Joy & Tones

PS – for a person who doesn’t like baking… I seem to be doing quite a bit hey?  BUT the sugar is running out and so is the flour and I have no intention of replenishing stocks… so this may be one of the last cakes you’ll see on this blog for a while!!


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