Wontons and F1

Hey all, Tones here, thought I would finally make a tangible contribution to this blog.

After having ‘miraculously’ fixed Joy’s computer last night, I felt like I deserved a break at work today. But it was with a little trepidation that I ventured home tonight. The reason………because I knew we would be making Wontons for our dinner. Why the apprehension, I hear you ask? Well I was secretly hoping that Joy would have made it all without me having to lift a finger, you know that lazy husband syndrome lol. However knowing Joy had a hard day catching up on things I knew I would need to help out.

Funnily enough as we got going it turned out to be quite easy and dare I say it, enjoyable, gasp. We were able to finish off the whole pack of ‘Happy Belly’ wonton wrappers, all 56 of them in around 40min, not superhuman of course but still a Charlie Sheen ‘win’! With the bulk of the manual labour performed, we fell into getting the rest of the dish done, making the soup and picking off the chicken carcass we used to make stock to put in the soup (this was the leftover from our chicken cacciatore that we made our friend on Saturday), getting the ho-fun, bak choi and of course our wontons cooked (12 of them, we’re greedy but not gluttonous 🙂 ). Here is a picture and the recipe.

To make the wonton filling:

500g pork mince

1/4 small cabbage

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon sesame oil 1 teaspoon grated green ginger

The meal turned out to be deeeelish. I was impressed! Joy’s homemade chicken stock was really good, lacking a little salt but we put in some soya sauce to taste and were genuinely surprised at the quality and morishness of the wontons. The filling was so simple I was going to overdo it by putting chinese mushrooms and dried shrimp in it. But it was good that Joy reminded me to “follow the recipe”. The soup was clean, the ho-fun soft and slippery (yes its supposed to be hard to pick up using chop-sticks) and the soup flavourful and clean. Definitely onto a winner and bonus points for having another 44 of them in the fridge/freezer, woot!

Onto other important matters. Yesterdays F1 race was tight, exciting, I was on the edge of my seat (actually almost fell off at the first corner as Alonso was leading the charge). Great racing and spectacle. Congratulations to Maldinado and the Williams team, happy bday Sir Frank. Albeit the fire in the garage that has caused a couple of injuries, I wish all the guys getting treatment a speedy recovery. On a last note, WTF was Schumey doing riding into the back of Senna like that?!?!?! School boy error and a deserved 5 place grid drop for Monaco in a couple of weeks.

Anyway that’s my first contribution, hope you enjoyed. Laters.


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