Free Burger at the Dog Races

Should’ve known that a free burger at the dog races would turn out like this…

Free burger at the dog races

What did I think I was going to get?  I have no idea but I somehow didn’t imagine it would be made of pink slime…  However, after eating it, I think it was.  Very disappointing… I had to spit out at least 2 bits of bone from my burger so I’m sure I was eating a crushed skull.

Personally I don’t think these burgers would have been fed to the dogs that were racing at all.   We paid for the chips £2 – that there in the picture was a “large chips”.

Tones and I remained hungry and flatulent for the rest of the night.

I was in a foul mood the next day too with plenty of aches and pains.  Tony suffers from PMS around the same time I do so he was very grumpy as well!!  What a girl….


So yes, we went to the Dog Races on Friday night and unless you’re betting and drinking, it’s a bit of a non-event.  I had no idea but a race is over in 30 seconds!!!  Those greyhounds run FAST!  And unless you stick your face right next to the track (and get all the sand flicked up at you) you don’t really see much…

I don’t get it…. BUT you’ve got to do it at least once in your life right?

Thought we’d go with some friends for their bday bash and apart from this time, I’d never been to the dog races before…

No we didn’t bet and no we didn’t drink.  I make it a point not to gamble since I tend to bet everything I have if I ever win and we didn’t drink because we were both going to yoga the next day…

The dog races is not something that ever comes into my head when I think of a night out!  I guess this is why they give you free entry if you show your Oyster Card and then free burgers if you sign up online!

Gotta give some props to the dog owners though – I’m sure training the dogs, grooming and looking after them takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  A race win only gets them about £50-£100, enough to feed the dog for a week or two!

And I do have to mention that for a huge group of people who were out drinking and gambling, the clientèle would have to be some of the most well behaved, polite group of people EVER.  They were less rowdy than many pubs I’ve been to, people apologised if they even minimally brushed you with their arm!  So it actually made for quite a peaceful, calm and relaxing event… with 30 seconds of screaming “C’mon <name of dog>!!!!!!” every half an hour.

I can see why people go to these things… it’s just like a night out at the RSL in Oz  🙂

If you ever do go to the dog races, here are my tips… place at least one  bet, have a pint, eat at the restaurant, always choose number 5 (orange) and don’t eat the burger 😛

Joy & Tones at Wimbledon Stadium

See you next time,

Tones & Joy

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