Krav Maga: Our Second Lesson

If I didn’t mention it earlier, we have signed up for 10 classes.

This time around I felt more confident, way more aggressive and so was a little more effective with the techniques I learned.  Plus, I “sparred” with boys more than girls so I was allowed to be a bit rougher.

In saying that, I partnered up with a girl, she did not hold back and is about as tall as Tony… Thank god for the pad because she kicked hard!!  😛

Tony too got to sparring with a guy, did a fake punch and hit this guy’s hand.  The guy’s hand ricochetted off Tony’s punch and went into the guy’s eye…. Nice one Tones…  Guys can be so rough!

Anyway – a picture says a thousand words… so here’s the summary in post-class bruises…

As little as the bruises are, it’s unlike either of us to bruise after a work out (think of it this way…. I got punched in the jaw by a guy during a mugging, my face swelled up but not noticeably and although tender for a week, it had absolutely ZERO bruise).

So getting a bruise is a BIG DEAL ALRIGHT?!   😛

See you soon


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