Time for a Spring Clean…

So it’s spring time…

I always thought that the seasons were meant to be 3 months each but it doesn’t happen this way in either Sydney or London!! In Sydney, the change between Summer and Winter is about 15’C so you don’t notice dramatic changes in between and most of the trees keep their leaves and stay green… hardly deciduous.  Apart from the temperature, everything else stays the same and nothing will stop you from opening your window for some fresh air all year round!

Here in London however, it’s always winter… the weather is either cold or colder!  OK maybe I exaggerate but I have to admit that even the trees are confused.  They started budding and flowering at the end of January and I’m sure they regretted it by March when it was freezing again.

In fact, one of the trees budded, grew leaves and by March, the leaves went brown and started falling off again!  Pleased to say, it’s gotten with the program now… leaves are back on it, green and healthy!

I always know when it’s Spring time because the tree outside our window grows flowers and we have a resident wood pigeon who returns to the tree each year, every year to sit in the tree and pick on the flowers, buds and fruits of the tree.  Last year, he/she had a mate and they sat in the tree together.. so cute!  This year it’s only one.. I hope its mate arrives soon!

But that wasn’t the purpose of this blog… the purpose of this blog was to talk about spring cleaning and I mean both in home and body.

I’ve read somewhere Feng Shui-wise, that the home represents the person living in it.  For example, if you have a home that’s beautiful on the outside and really messy on the inside, it pretty much represents your mental state – show everyone a pristine you on the outside while you’re in emotional turmoil on the inside.  If the home is neat in some areas and cluttered in others, the area that is cluttered is pretty much the area of life that’s not working for the person living in it.  Dear God, help us now because our place is a MESS!

I also read somewhere Health-wise, that the body naturally wants to cleanse in Spring and Autumn which probably is why as soon as the weather gets a little bit warmer, so many people feel inclined to go out and go for a walk, run or do some other activity and they feel the need to eat more vegetables and fruit and “go on a diet”.

Living in London, I finally “get” what this whole “Spring Clean” idea is all about!  You see, it’s FREEZING over winter, the days are short, the nights are long, and most of your time is spent indoors.  All doors and windows are kept closed and the heating is switched on continuously.

When you’re cooped up like this for months and I mean more than 3 months, the feeling of rejoicing the day you can open all your windows and allow the air to flow through the home, is indescribable!  And with that comes this need to clean and just get rid of all the dust and dirt that’s accumulated over the winter months.

A feeling of throwing away the old and just decluttering becomes overwhelming and the need to lose all the weight gained by eating stodgy foods over winter also kicks in!

And we’re here now… it’s Spring, the wood pigeon has returned, the trees have flowered, the windows are all open which means, it’s definitely time for a spring clean.  Watch this space as I will be posting about our diet, our exercise regime and our decluttering activities amongst other things.

See you soon! 🙂


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