Date Day: The Disappointing Steak House

The weekend that was brilliantly sunny weather had us pretty much indoors the whole time.  Can you believe it?!

While everyone was out in full force burning themselves in their underwear in the park at midday (a sight I’ve STILL not gotten used to after 7 years of being here) or loading themselves up with Pimms, Tones and I merrily sat in the shade or indoors with air conditioning or all the windows open (loving the light and loving the breeze).

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve had PLENTY of sun – the amount of wrinkles, freckles and sunspots I’ve got will prove it and I’m over the bright red lobster look!

We did go out on a “date day” to an Argentinian Steak House (we got a deal from Groupon).  We go on dates at least once a month – we figured while we don’t have children it would be good to get into the habit of going out on dates 🙂

Our opinion of this place?  I found it strange that the waiter and it seemed like the cook and owner too, were “Asian” (Indian background – they call people with Chinese background “Oriental” here) considering this was an “Argentinian Steak House”.

Where were the Argentinians?  Why are Indians serving me Argentinian food?  Where’s the authenticity?  I’ve had Chinese people serve me Mexican food – it was horrible!!  Stick with what you know people!!

Anyway, they serve their steak with either chips, jacket potato or rice…. rice?   I was going to choose rice to see how it would taste but couldn’t get my head around eating rice with steak blood all over it so I asked the waiter if it was any good.  He said that he wouldn’t eat it… because….   Asians don’t eat beef (cows are sacred in their culture).  How bizarre (not that cows are sacred but more that they’re serving something they are completely against…)

After the meal we were asked by the waiter, “Did you have any complaints?”  This was yet another thing to add to the strangeness – don’t you think it was a very strange way of asking if we enjoyed our meal…?

How do you answer that?  “Well, no we don’t have any complaints, but I’ll think up some for you if you want…”

So did we have any complaints?  Not that we wanted to tell them.. we politely ate everything, it was edible, it was just average and I guess we were disappointed because we had set such high expectations for the place.. being date day and all!

Here are the pictures:

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It doesn’t look too bad right?  So what were our gripes?

1.  The steamed veggies that the steak was served with, was minimal and consisted of cabbage and carrot, both of which looked old (ie cut and left out to dry and crack before boiling) plus one small slice of courgette (zucchini).

2.  The calamari for the starter was 7/8  batter 1/8 squid

3.  The prawns for some reason we both expected to be with less sauce (more like the gambas you get when you order tapas) and it turned out to be soupy.. in a tomato soup-based sauce (the description said white wine sauce, maybe there was white wine in the tomato based sauce, I don’t know) and the bread wasn’t very good (a bit stale).

4.  The steak – my sirloin was soft and juicy.  I did ask for it to be medium and it was very close to being well done but I was happy with this because it was soft.  I chose mushroom sauce and it was nice but after half way through, it started tasting like pork stroganoff.  I like pork stroganoff but I was there for Argentinian steak!

5.  Tones’ steak – the rib eye, he asked for medium rare and part of it was blue, the other part was medium LOL  I have no idea how they managed that.  3/4 of it was medium rare but closer to medium.  He chose peppercorn sauce and it was OK.

It was a Saturday afternoon so it wasn’t packed, there were a number of people there who all seemed to be enjoying their food and the waiter was prompt with service.

To me, it was more like a lunch time cafe that served steak.  Tones mentioned that a lot of it (apart from the steak) looked like it came from frozen packs or cans (eg, tomato sauce for the prawns, the chips, the calamari).

We figured it would probably cost us the same to go to the local butcher and buy some really high quality steaks and cook them at home.

Maybe we put higher expectations on the place than needed.  It cost approx 16.95 for the steak and they’ve got deals where you get 2 courses for 20.00 (starters were about 3.50-4.50) so I don’t get how that’s a deal, you save like 0.50??

The verdict:  Disappointed.  Nice to have tried it and although the service was good, we probably won’t be eating there again.


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