Krav Maga: Lesson 3 and Summer Rolls

Nothing much to report on the Krav Maga other than I did 10 push ups before I had to stop… yay!  Much better than my 3-6 on my first week!  I can also report that the bingo wings are still there and no more weight has been lost.  😦

Also Tones trained with someone much tougher and rougher so he got his boys wounded a couple of times (once by me….) and he was also winded with a knee to the chest… nice one.  No more bruises but pleased to say that we’ve healed from the bruises we got the week before!

We’re also starting to get a bit more diet conscious (not to detoxing yet but eating more veggies) so we made some Vietnamese Summer Rolls following this recipe…

Since I don’t tend to eat a lot of peanuts (the naturopath told me that peanuts promoted candida growth and since then, I’ve made sure I only eat peanuts minimally and never had a candida outburst since!), we decided to make the sauce using “Free Nut Butter” instead – it tastes like and has the same consistency as peanut butter but is made of toasted sunflower seeds!

Tasted clean and fresh – absolutely perfect for a hot day!  We both agreed however that you can only eat a few in any one sitting so probably best to prepare something else to eat as well as these for a meal.  We ate 10 each and by that stage, we’d gotten sick of them but weren’t yet full.

Also, if left overnight, some parts of the rice paper get dry and other parts get soggy – so this is definitely one of those dishes best prepared and eaten on the same day.

The sauce made of Free Nut Butter tasted really good!  Here are the pictures:

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