Bikram Yoga: Binge drinking water + what’s the deal with the coconut water?

Is it just me or do you do this too?

I sit around all day, forgetting to drink water and then realise… OMG it’s time to go to Bikram Yoga I need to drink!! And then proceed to swallow as much of 2L of water as I can before the class starts!!

I’ve realised I do this practically EVERY time and so I get to class with a stomach full of water and proceed to burp throughout all of class (usually after all the compression poses).  I’ve also started to go to the toilet just before class because I’ve found myself busting to go to the loo during class and having to endure compression poses whilst holding everything in – not very smart.

Does my binge drinking water do me any good?  I do sweat which is awesome, I only take the littlest of tiniest sips during class when my throat feels dry so I think it works but the stomach full of water is uncomfortable and burping constantly in class isn’t really any fun.

My ideal would be to drink regularly and be hydrated throughout the day.

Any tips for how to get into that mode?  (other than sticking a water filter with a straw attached to it on my head…)

The other thing I’m very curious about is the coconut water.  It’s the only drink they offer at the studio (apart from water) and everyone seems to love it.

So Tones and I headed to Wholefoods to buy some – at a whopping GBP3.50 per litre, we thought it was some kind of super water but it turns out just to be the liquid you find in a coconut!

That’s a bit much don’t you think?  A coconut doesn’t cost that much!!

So we went to the grocery store to see for ourselves and bought 3 coconuts for GBP1.50!

We cracked it open – Tones tried to use a hack saw ’cause we don’t have a cleaver and then after about an hour I decided to look it up on YouTube “How to crack open a coconut” – turns out all you have to do is hit it with the back of a knife! LOL

5 seconds later, the coconut was open and the liquid was in the bowl – slightly disappointing as it probably was only 50ml but it was very sweet and much tastier than the coconut water we bought.

Made me think what we bought was just this coconut juice mixed with water?  So what’s the deal?  Why is it so special and why is it so expensive?

I’ve tasted MUCH better coconut juice than this “coconut water” and it just made me wish for the frozen coconut juice you can get back in Oz…

Do you know the one?  The baby coconut juice in the plastic cup with the straw – it’s just like eating a coconut slushy with chunks of coconut flesh (no added sugar, just the water that comes out of the baby coconut plus some of the flesh)!  Oh how I wish for one now!  No, I haven’t seen them here… 7 years…. it’s been 7 years!!!  Remind me to have one of those when we next visit…. I want that and a mango!!

4 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga: Binge drinking water + what’s the deal with the coconut water?”

  1. Try buying your coconut water from asian grocery stores rather than supermarkets/yoga studios – it’s way cheaper! I hate the taste though 😦

    It’s so popular with yogis (particularly Bikramites) because it’s full of electrolytes, which is what you lose when you’re sweating. It’s like Gatorade, but all natural. And yogis love us some all-natural options! It’s so expensive because… well. Probably because people will pay it 🙂 But packaged juice (especially single-serve containers) is always more expensive than buying fruit anyway, right?

    With getting into a water drinking mode, I have a friend at work who has an alert on her phone/computer that beeps every hour and tells her to drink some water – maybe that would help? But I like the sticking-a-water-filter/straw-to-your-head idea too 😀

    1. What are you talking about Willis? Coconut juice is so yummy! (not the coconut water.. that sucked in taste as well as being expensive) – give the coconut slushy thing a try – it should be labelled something like “young coconut juice” or “baby coconut juice” (you’ll find it in the freezer of the Asian food stores and you’ll prob be able to buy it for about $2. It’ll be as hard as ice and you take it out on a hot day.. watch it sweat… then the ice will slowly melt and you smash it up with the straw, I so wish I could have one now!) and then let me know what you think.

      We visit the Asian grocery store quite a bit here but they’re not that cheap (being all the way in London) and not as prolific as the Asian grocery stores in Australia (where I’d find at least several in a row per suburb!!). You have to make a special trip for the ones here and the choice isn’t really great… they don’t have the frozen juice I know and love. You either buy a specific can of coconut juice (with all the bits in it)… or… nothing.

      I think we’re going to stick with cracking open real coconuts for now! You have a point though, to get the same amount of liquid from real coconuts, we’re going to have to crack open about 20. Buying 20 coconuts will be way more expensive (and cumbersome) than buying 1L of coconut water!

      hmmm alarms I hate alarms… BUT it’s probably the only thing that’s going to regulate my water drinking until it becomes a habit. Will of course keep you posted 😉

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