How do you like your Egg & Soldiers?

Have you ever heard of “Egg & Soldiers”?

I’d never heard of them or even had them until I came to the UK.  Very cute name for a soft boiled egg served with buttered bread cut into dipping sticks (soldiers).

I’d had soft boiled egg as a kid and I liked it… just no soldiers… I missed out on all the fun!!

Faberge Egg Hunt: Egg & Soldiers by Mulberry

Do you reckon it’s named after Humpty Dumpty…

Faberge Egg Hunt: Humpty Dumpty by The Prince’s Drawing School signed by TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall

…and the King’s Men?

Faberge Egg Hunt: Busby by Rachel Waldron

I would have LOVED to pick up those soldiers and have them stamp around the insides of that egg… “Humpty Dumpty… I kill you!.. DIE while I swirl your insides like an Italian stomps on grapes! Oh no! My legs are getting soggy and that big giant’s going to eat me…Arrrgh!!”


Ahem….. a little too much insight into my psyche there…

Moving right along….!!

Today’s post is about our versatile and most beloved eggs because we made some really Fancy Egg & Soldiers for brunch (recipe at the bottom I promise…) and I said that I’d post about them a while back  AND I also wanted to share with you some of our favourite Faberge Eggs since it was our dear Faberge’s 166th birthday the other day (thank you Google for that insight)!

Over the Easter, there was a HUGE Easter Egg hunt called “The Faberge Big Egg Hunt” (the English have the most creative ways of naming things) where giant decorated eggs were planted all over London over a number of weeks for the public to go around and find them all.

Faberge Egg Hunt: Basileus by Vanessa Chilton for Robinson Pelham

There were 210 eggs to find all over the city, each uniquely crafted by artists, jewellers, designers and architects – the purpose was to raise funds for charity (apart from having a record breaking egg hunt across central London, the eggs were on sale!).

SO.. in pure Tony & Joy style, we waited until ALL the eggs were collected and brought to Covent Garden on display so we could see all 210 without having to travel throughout the entire city over a number of weeks looking for them!

Faberge Egg Hunt Covent Garden (btw Where’s Wally?!)

OK that’s not true… in pure Tony & Joy style we decided too late in the piece to start hunting and the weekend we chose to do it, they’d already collected it all and put it in Covent Garden and we were lucky to see them at all because it was the last day… !

Faberge Eggs Covent Garden

In saying that, we spent a good 3.5 hours in the rain looking for them all and had the latest lunch possible (4.30pm) AND we didn’t even find them all!!!!  Hopeless!!  They’re all in one place!   How hard could it have been?

Egg Hunters Covent Garden

By that stage I was too hungry to care… we found a total of 200 and we were happy with that!

We won’t bore you with all 200 that we found, just some (199) of our favourites.. here they are 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OK and since you endured our family holiday slideshow 😉  HERE’s the recipe for the FANCY EGG & SOLDIERS!  You earned it!

Eggs with Blue Cheese & Ricotta

Ingredients for 2:

25g creamy blue cheese

2 tbsp milk

1 tbsp chopped chives

115g Ricotta cheese

Salt & black pepper

2 eggs

Mash cheese with fork and then beat in all ingredients (except egg).  Lightly oil 2 ramekins and divide the cheese mixture between them.  Make hollows for the eggs and crack one egg into each ramekin, season with salt and pepper.

Place ramekins in a roasting tin containing hot water and bake at 190’C until whites have set but yolks still soft.

Here we have it served with tomatoes and buttered toast fingers (soldiers!) made with Free-from bread!!

Our fancy egg & soldiers

They tasted so good!  You have to watch this though… we baked our first lot for too long (left it in the oven with a timer) and the egg yolk had hardened – still tasted alright but couldn’t dip the soldiers 😦

So – enjoy!  You can have it for brunch this weekend and let us know how it comes out 😉

Have a great weekend!


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