What do you remember from when you were 5?

I saw this article in March and meant to post it however as with everything else – I let life get in the way.

BUT that’s no reason not to share it now because it’s actually quite special.

Here we have a young man finding his mother after 20 years, since becoming separated from her at the age of 5 years old!!

Have a quick read, it’s a beautiful story 🙂  One of those things that make you go… “awwww”.


This made me think “What do I remember from when I was 5?”

The truth?  Hardly anything!!  My memories are really vague.  For all you Psychologists and Psychoanalysts out there… yes, I grew up in an environment which I’d rather forget.

Which then made me ask, “What do other people remember from when they were 5?”  Is everyone else’s memory just as vivid as this guy’s?

So, what do you remember from when you were 5?? Are your memories vivid or are they blocked out of your conscious mind and pretty vague like mine?


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