Krav Maga: psyching up for the next class

Argh… it’s been 2 weeks and we’ve missed out on Krav Maga 2 weeks in a row 😦

Tony’s been grateful for the break because as I mentioned, he got kneed in the chest the last time and it’s taken him a couple of weeks for the pain to go away.  He’s not bruised at all but he is feeling pain.


Me?  Well, as mentioned I haven’t been well and so I missed not just yoga, I had to miss the Krav Maga as well… if I’m not well enough to go to yoga, there’s no way I’d be able to do a 2 hour session of kicking and punching that’s for sure!


In all honesty I don’t miss it, I don’t enjoy it the way I do yoga but that’s because the benefits aren’t exactly experienced until a threat occurs whereas in yoga, you feel the benefits straight away.

After I do yoga, I have a sound, full night’s sleep… after Krav Maga, I’m awake and full of adrenalin for at least another day and a half!

I pray I never have to be in a situation where a threat does occur but I realise it’s better to be safe than sorry and I’d probably feel better having hurt the person who tried to hurt me, than having them hurt me and get away with it.

Tones witnessed a “cat fight” the other day at the supermarket – apparently a couple of women were going at each other hell for leather in the supermarket aisle (fruit and veggie section), pulling hair, shoving against shelves, screaming and everything!!   I don’t know for what – she probably took the last coconut…

I asked him if he Krav Maga’d their asses and he said no… he left and let the supermarket staff separate them instead.  He didn’t even stop to look, just enough to notice how crowds had gathered just to watch in fascination! LOL


I wonder how I would deal with a woman who was pulling my hair and trying to scratch my eyes out.  We haven’t learned a technique for that yet…

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  I’d probably do just as Tony did… walk away (but not before I jammed a few fingers into her prettily mascara’d eyeballs and pulled her dangling earrings off)!

Ahhh I talk a big game but I’d probably curl up into a ball in a corner and start rocking when it came down to it.

One thing I have to keep remembering for every class is this…. remove all jewellery!!  If you ever do a class, you have to remember to take off your jewellery including earrings lest they get caught during an exercise… Who knew!!! I would NEVER have thought of that but now….

I tell you, I’d feel sorry for those women if they did have earrings…. rrrrrrrip!!!
So, after 2 weeks off we psych ourselves up for our next class!  How am I doing??  😉

Krav Maga here we come!


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