Bikram Yoga: Bikram Balance

Have you guys seen this new “Bikram Balance”?

It’s Bikram’s new potion / formula.  A powder you mix with water or juice to make a nutritious drink.  It’s supposed to be a powder of a whole host of vegetables and fruits which will bring the body’s pH balance to its ideal level of alkalinity to improve movement.

Has anyone tried the stuff?

Tones and I had a sample.  It tasted weird – like sweet pond water and I didn’t notice (how can you with only one scoop?) any difference to my energy levels or digestion after drinking it.

The thing is it costs anywhere between £30-£40 for 30 servings… that’s £1+ a scoop.  You can have 1-2 scoops  a day I suppose… For both me and Tones, that’s a minimum of 2 scoops a day which means the £30-£40 will only last us 2 weeks!!

Is it worth it??   Our grocery bill is already £200+ for 30 days as it is… Hmmm… maybe if I replace meat with this stuff we can stick to budget??

I love trying all these new fandangle things that make your body more efficient, flow better, feel better, increase energy and strength, improve immune system and digestion etc. but what happens is you end up with all these potions and it all adds up to one really big financial outlay every single month!

Why does everything good for you cost so much and everything bad for you cost so little???  I thought the best things in LIFE were free!!!

Anyway – any feedback on this electrolyte, gut bacteria, alkaline all-in-one supplement is definitely welcome!

I guess the question is – does the price tag match the list of benefits?


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