Krav Maga: A Great Class!

Hi guys, long time I know…

Do you know what?  We’ve got so much to catch you up on with regards to food and events it’s not funny so will post that as soon as we can.

For now, a short one.  Just wanted to tell you that yes, we’re still here and we went to Krav Maga and had an awesome class.

Not sure what caused so much energy and the ability to recover so quickly after class but we both really enjoyed it.   We didn’t ache after class, we had no bruises but we fully participated so it was great!

Highlight of my night?  One of the students we sparred with corrected my punch so I found that I could punch more and get less tired!! Whoohoo!   Do you know how awesome that is?  Especially since I was getting EXHAUSTED after 1 minute of punching before but now I can get through the whole thing!!

Also found that people are encouraging much rougher interaction now too… got myself told to “kick!!” and “KICK HARDER!!” a lot more… “he’s wearing a guard… KICK HIM!”

I’ve found that I tend to “act out” the movements rather than actually “doing” the movement and there’s a HUGE difference – the first result is that the other person “acts out” their fall… the latter results in the person actually falling.  I finally understood the difference when the person I was trying to trip, stayed up no matter how hard I pushed on his leg which made me realise… if this was real life my attacker would NOT fall just ’cause and I would actually have to kick, push, pull etc MUCH harder than anything I was doing!  My attacker wouldn’t just stand there either while I negotiated my way around how hard I had to push and where I should push….

So… goal for my next class?  Get a list down of the things I learned so I can practice them for speed, precision and power!


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