Bikram Yoga: The Teacher’s Pet

Alright – I am officially jealous…   😛

TONY is the teacher’s pet in EVERY SINGLE YOGA CLASS WE GO TO no matter who the teacher is!!!

Class 1:  Teacher says “You have a BEAUTIFUL practice”

Class 2:  Teacher says “I haven’t taught you before have I?  Your practice is BEAUTIFUL!”

Class 3:  Teacher says “It’s so hard to adjust someone who’s already got such a beautiful practice”

Class 4:  Teacher says “You’ve got AMAZING flexibility as well as strength – great practice!”

Class 5: Joy says.. yeah yeah, OK OK, beautiful practice – I don’t want to hear it any more.. Tony’s friggin’ awesome.. I get it!!  Tones why don’t you just give them a litre of coconut water before the beginning of class while you’re at it… GEEZ!

I’m sure I’ve already told you that Tones is much more flexible than I am.. and I’m embarrassed about it because I’m a chick.  What makes it worse is that those teachers keep rubbing it in!!  Damn you yoga teachers!!

In all honesty, I know he’s doing an awesome job, I know he’s improved immensely and I can see his poses because we always do our yoga side by side.   Yes, he indeed has a beautiful practice!

I am extremely proud of him – you should see his floor bow!!  Unbelievable!!

I’ll have to bring a camera to class one day and hope it doesn’t get all steamed up by being in the room and take a picture of his best poses to show you.

He’s not Asana championship level yet but if he keeps going this way, I’d certainly encourage him!!


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