Beef Ho Fun again


We tried it again – this time we didn’t use fillet steak!!  I still don’t understand how you cook the ho fun without it sticking all over the pan – no amount of oil or heat is actually making the wok “non stick” when it comes to these noodles.

Anybody?  Any tips?  Seriously… it’s ridiculous to lose half the noodle to the wok and end up with burnt bits everywhere… or are we doing something wrong?

This time, we took a tip from Tones’ cousin and marinated a cheaper cut of beef ahead of time.

Beef Ho Fun in wok

I cut it into strips and then pounded the life out of it with a meat mallet first (I LOVE the meat mallet) then marinated it in rice vinegar, soy, sesame oil, corn starch, garlic (also, his cousin’s recipe requires the use of black bean sauce and mirin but I didn’t have any of either so used hoi sin and sherry instead, then added some bicarb to make the meat softer).  It didn’t taste very authentic like the first version but geez it tasted good and was very satisfying!  The meat was soft!

beef ho fun

I left the cooking to Tones.  He cooked the meat first and removed from the pan before it fully cooked.

Before I go on, I have to tell you that we’ve been watching Masterchef Australia Series 3 and now we’re starting to use all the lingo 😛

We still roll our eyes at how much “caramelisation” they do with the meat, butter and anything else that goes into a pan actually… “nicely caramelised.. blah blah blah”….”You want that nice caramelisation blah blah.”

Seriously, it’s friggin’ BURNT man… why don’t you just say cook it until it’s almost burnt???!   Instead of “Oh crap, I left it on for a little bit long or the heat was too high” they say “Oh look, that’s what you want, see how it’s caramelised?”  Are you serious??   I see burnt bits on those bread crumbs buddy!

SO back to the Beef Ho Fun (with lingo) – while the meat was cooking on the wok and right after taking it out, the marinate “caramelised” onto the wok, so we added sherry to “deglaze the pan” and I threw all that “beautiful caramelisation” into the sink and washed the wok!!  It was just  a bit too caramelised for our liking.

Tones then added the noodles which also “caramelised” onto the pan, added the meat in with what sauce was left over, to finish cooking and colour the noodles and voila! This is what we got!

Beef Ho Fun in my bowl

As mentioned, this was a MUCH tastier version than the first Beef Ho Fun we made but not as authentic tasting.  We’re going to have to try it again using all the correct ingredients and then report on how good it is then!  I don’t mind cooking the same food again tweaking it along the way – eventually we’ll have a cracking dish!

It ain’t complete without the vegies!

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