Remember when I was telling you that my computer went all silly and kept shutting down?

Then Tony fixed it and I was all happy?

Well, it started to shut down randomly again, Tony fixed it a number of times and then it got ridiculous – I was limping along with a computer that kept randomly shutting down at the end of every week and then it carked it and was out of action for 5 days… UNTIL Tones did something (he told me what but I’ve forgotten now… typical female brain when it comes to techy stuff) and now, knock on wood, it’s been OK!

Right, so… during the time it kept shutting down, it wouldn’t start up AT ALL.  So I borrowed his really old work computer to work on.  It turned out I couldn’t work on it because it wouldn’t hook up to the network so I couldn’t access any of my backed up files…

So what does one do when they have one broken computer with files on it and one that works but doesn’t hook up to the network to access the files one needs???  Play minesweeper of course!!!


I haven’t played this game since I was at uni – that’s a good 15 years now…  but it was easy to remember the rules and look how far I got!!!



Friggin’ Legend.  For those who don’t play, basically, all those boxes are covered and you have to mark which of them are mines (with a flag).  You can tell which are mines by the numbers next to them.  For example, a number 4 would indicate that of all the boxes immediately surrounding the number 4, 4 of them will be mines.  For a grid this size, there are 99 mines to find.  The picture shows I’ve found 98 of them without setting off any.  Clicking on a mine sets it off.  Set off ANY mine and it’s game over.


Tones had managed to come home from work by the time I got to this stage so with my 50/50 choice on which box was a mine, I got him to choose…. the result?



LOL – ahhhhh you can’t win ’em all!!


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