Bikram Yoga: 3 months in!

WELL – welcome to Bikram Yoga Wednesdays 😉

SO… I just realised that we’ve been going to Bikram Yoga at least once a week (more if we can), every week since beginning of March 2012.  That means we have been practising straight for 3 months now!

It takes only 9 months to create a baby – one of the many miracles performed by the human body!!  So I can only imagine what miracles we’ll see after 9 months of practice!!  For now, what miracles have our bodies performed in this first trimester?


1.  Half moon pose – I started with pain sensations just by having my arms up in the air because my shoulders were so tight, so I could barely bend left or right and now  I am bent almost parallel to the floor – WHOOT!  This is the farthest I’ve ever been able to do…. EVER and it also means my posture has improved!

2.  I’ve lost 3-4kg (that’s 8% of my total body weight)!  If you see our other blogs (the ones about food), you’ll notice that we’re not on any particular diet and we’re far from starving ourselves.  In fact, we’ve been eating DOUBLE the portions we used to and we’re losing weight… it’s AWESOME!  I can wear my clothes again without looking like an overstuffed sausage!

3.  If you read back to my original post on Bikram Yoga, I said I kept “cracking” and “popping” in my joints – this is no longer happening so I know my overall fitness and mobility has improved dramatically: a) I can run up the stairs multiple times with bags of groceries without huffing and puffing as much b) Tones says my resting heart rate finally sounds like I’m resting! YAY!  I totally am grateful for having my heart beat more calmly – if this is proof that “creating mini heart attacks during practice to prevent real ones from happening outside” works then I’m all for it 🙂


1.  I now don’t have womanly child-bearing thighs.

2.  I can bend backwards.  Really!  I can bend backwards!

3.  My bruises heal very quickly.  Refer to post on Krav Maga

4.  I can eat MORE now!



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