We’re eating sandwiches again 🙂

Since the discovery of “Free From” bread  (gluten free and wheat free) – there’s no more bloating – whoohoo!!!  Yes, we’ve tried this bread before but it’s much smaller and much more expensive than normal bread so we haven’t been buying bread at all.


However, since attending the Free From Show, we have had lots of coupons so we can get them for discount!!  Whoot!  Sandwiches!! Yay!

We can eat sandwiches again! Whoot!

This one’s made with no butter…. shaved smoked ham and organic leaves (spinach leaves, mustard leaves, rocket) – plus we had some pickles so used that too.

It was good but for Tony it was missing the cheese – he obviously likes the Ploughman’s Sandwich (ham, cheese, pickles) with leaves.

Where’s the cheese??

I find the free from bread is much better toasted than not.  I don’t like the taste or texture of it when it’s cold  (it’s not soft and fluffy like normal bread).  We have found an awesome bread though that is wheat free and gluten free AND fluffy…. just have to buy it and show you 🙂


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