Who knew cupcakes were so EASY!

With my 3 nemesis being wheat, sugar and dairy – cupcakes are actually NOT what I should be eating.  Baking is NOT my forte and I actually would choose starters over desserts any day!

Don’t worry you dessert and pastry fans – Tony LOVES them so there is balance in our household!

BUT….. I don’t like wasting food and I have to keep my man happy.

Also, we had plenty of flour and sugar in the pantry and I’ve been posting on FB a lot of “oh I need to get rid of the flour and sugar” status updates.

SO.. instead of going on and on until the end of the year, I decided to just get on with it and use up the flour and sugar!!  Pleased to say, we had no icing sugar so the cupcakes went without icing AND we had no caster sugar either… which means I used brown sugar to make these babies (which is MUCH easier for me to deal with) and what a discovery….

I used the following recipe: http://www.cupcakerecipe.co.uk/cupcake-recipe/recipe/14/

and just replaced the caster sugar with brown sugar… and voila

What a discovery – caramel cupcakes!

They tasted so caramely!! It was fantastic!!  (That said by a person who likes savoury over sweet…. it must’ve been good!)

Note the cupcakes are a little out of shape – that’s because I placed the paper cupcake wrappy things on a pizza tray (we burnt the crap out of our muffin tray when we heated oil in it to make Yorkshire Puddings and not only was it ugly and stained, the non-stick bits were peeling off so we threw it away and never bought a replacement).

With that in mind, they did hold their shape quite well!  Who knew they would taste so good and be so easy to make??!??  That surprised me a lot and now I realise why people like baking!  Little effort.. huge reward.

Having used the last of the cupcake paper cases on the above cupcakes and only having a few grams of brown sugar left but LOTS of flour…. I decided to make more “cupcakes” using different ingredients.

This time I used the same recipe but used golden syrup instead of sugar AND I added cocoa powder and fresh bananas and put all the batter into a round cake “tin” (it’s glass).  I still think this would have come out better as cupcakes but Tony liked it!!

ChocBanana Not a Cupcake Cake

I’m showing you a picture but not sharing the recipe because I think it needs some tweaking.  As a not-a-cupcake-cake, it was still moist but I reckon it would have been more moist if it were separated into cupcakes (cooking it in a large cake tin meant more time in the oven, drying it out a bit).  Also, didn’t put enough banana…

We still have more flour, golden syrup and cocoa powder to use so, I’ll have to give it another go and turn it into cupcakes to see how it works out.  Will share the recipe if it comes out better the next time around 🙂

I also reckon I’ll sneakily buy more brown sugar and flour just to make those caramel cupcakes again… OMG without icing they were so yummy – I can only imagine what they’d be like WITH icing too!  Shhh! Don’t tell Tones though 🙂  I’ve got to surprise him with it!


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