Chicken and Prawn Laksa

After watching over half of the 86 episodes of Masterchef Australia Series 3 (yes, we’ve been told to watch Masterchef Australia for over a year now and we’ve finally succumbed and started watching), we’ve come across a couple of dishes that we thought were MUST COOKs.

One of them was the Laksa 🙂


I remember having Laksa back in the food courts in Sydney but didn’t remember the taste nor miss it as much as Tony did.  When he saw the episode with the Laksa his immediate reaction was “That’s it!!! We’re making it!!”

Which usually means that I end up making it 😉

Here’s the recipe I used:

It’s Rick Stein’s recipe 🙂

When I tasted it, I was like… OH YEAH!!! I remember that taste!!  Tones reckons it was missing something… doesn’t know what but he doesn’t think it’s quite right.  I don’t remember enough to know.

BUT I do know that I forgot to put the spring onions in and we didn’t have any sambal oelek to serve it with – otherwise I followed the recipe!

Lucky for us Tony’s mum is a bit of a legend bringing us Blachan when she visited last.  It’s remained in the cupboard sealed because I didn’t know what it was, what to cook with it or how to use it BUT this recipe requires it so it’s now been put to good use!

I spent the rest of the night dreaming of being in the Philippines (because it was hot, humid and the house smelt like shrimp paste – aaahhh the smells of South East Asia!)  I’m sure I would’ve dreamt of being in Malaysia but I’d never been there before so my mind took me back only to the Philippines 😉

As I mentioned it was hot and humid!  Can you imagine?  We’ve actually FINALLY got summer here in London – all 2 days of it!! Whoot!!

Anyway here are the requisite photos:

Laksa without adding veg yet

Chicken & Prawn Laksa with veg added