Bikram Yoga: Habit or Addiction?

So I think we’ve hit our stride with this and it’s no longer an “urgh, do we have to go to yoga now?  Can we watch the next episode of Masterchef instead?” kind of attitude and it’s no longer a commitment either.

The commitment stage was hit a month or so back when I realised I set the time to go and whether or not it was bucketing down, I’d still do the 1/2 hour walk there and 1/2 hour walk back because I promised myself to.

These days, I go because I want to (even when  I’m super tired I still go because I know I’ll feel better after it or at least get a good sleep!).  Why do I want to?  Because my thighs don’t rub together when I walk any more (which is awesome) and because I love how soft my skin has gotten and I love how I can button up and zip my clothes without having to suck my gut in!

Also, seeing the changes and feeling the progress I’ve made in improving my physical appearance, I’ve now set myself some new targets to achieve (like getting rid of bingo wings and tummy fat – yes I’ve lost weight but there’s still a lot of fat hanging about… unfortunately, quite literally!)

So is it habit or addiction?

Let’s call it…. lifestyle and I’m loving my life!  🙂


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