Peruvian Salad

This has to be the craziest salad we’ve ever made.

I made it once before and thought it was way too much work for a SALAD!!

There are MANY ingredients, hot, cold, cooked, raw, some mixed with dressing and seasoning, some not…  and all layered in the bowl.

However, Tones really liked it and convinced me to make it again….

So we did – HE made it!! I made sure I was doing………..

something else, anything else really! Ha Ha!!

2 hours later… voila

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Can you guess what’s in it??   😛

SO… TONES… was it worth the work???

I don’t think we’ll be making this in a hurry, any time soon!!  Don’t get me wrong, it was enjoyable and a very filling and tasty salad HOWEVER effort to reward ratio is unbalanced…

If we had to eat it and someone else made it… bring it on!


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