We actually prefer Masterchef Australia!

As I’ve mentioned before, Tony and I have been watching Series 3 of Masterchef Australia.

It’s actually the first series of Masterchef Australia we’ve watched and proud to say we’ve FINISHED!!!  We got to the end!! YAY!  It was awesome!!

With me having to spend a lot of time at home, Tony and I also took the time to watch episodes of Masterchef USA and the original Masterchef (UK) versions just to see the difference and I must agree with those we resisted before…

You’re right guys… the Australian version is definitely the best!

I say this because Gordon Ramsay somehow annoys the crap out of me and he’s in the US version.  I don’t get why he yells like he’s angry when he’s happy, he yells like he’s angry when he’s encouraging, he yells like he’s angry when he’s caring.. he just yells.

I don’t know about you but all that yelling eventually just turns into “nagging” and I switch off.  It’s like he thinks angry yelling continuously with a few F words in between is supposed to get his message across… I don’t think so mate!  The only message I’m getting is that you’re a bit of a d!ck!  So yeah, can’t watch too much of the US Masterchef without just getting annoyed.

I remember why I stopped watching the UK version.. it’s because I got bored.  It’s not intriguing enough for me to want to watch the next episode.. it’s just a bunch of amateurs cooking and a couple of fat blokes eating!  THIS however made me laugh hysterically….

The Aussie version is a little different.

Somehow the Aussie version gets you involved, teaches you how to do things, gets you inspired to cook and not in an angry shouting way or a very sedate way but in a very laid back, laugh at yourself, have a joke here and there, be considerate of others and dig down and work hard kind of way… it’s all very Strayan!  Maybe it’s ’cause we’re Aussies that we “get it”, maybe others won’t?

Yes, compared to the UK version, the Aussie version is very full of drama.. you ride the rollercoaster of ups and downs with the contestants but in the end it’s all very “Good on ya mate!”, “She’ll be ‘right mate!” or “No worries mate!” and I love that!

I can’t really explain so here’s a perfect example of the Aussie take-it-seriously-but-you-can-laugh-at-yourself attitude…

From a distance, it’s much easier to see the attitudes that have been embedded in the culture and the Aussie attitude is actually one we’re very proud and grateful to have 🙂


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